Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Putting Jinx on a Pedestal!

Only a matter of time 'til she'd be put on a pedestal, so I did it in caption format, as nature intended.

Well, it can be interesting to create a caption when one of the recipient's preferences is to become a pixie or fae. I am not hugely into mythology, other than some of the trickster mythos when I took Folklore in college so I tend to use the standard popular culture definition of fairies.

But with Jinny Jezebel, she likes captions the way Petra did, with luscious redheads, and a dollop of sexy and silly in equal proportions. That is something I can get behind! Since I owed her a caption, I'd been keeping a lookout for a redhead in a picture that was slightly off. A few days later I came upon this one and knew I had to make one for her. Originally I was just going to put it into a caption setting, but I through in a text box and just started to write.

It was a bit of a hard trick to go from the current situation, to Jeff's back story, then bridge it back to present time, but people have seen enough movies in that arc that as long as I didn't make the transitions too clunky, it should be ok, and I think I did pull it off.

And of course, there was merriment to be had. I mean, her affection for marshmallow was referenced and I can't think of anything more amusing than a pixie shooting lusty glitter out her cooch! And what will happen when she goes Full-Pixie and her magical powers manifest? I'm sure a wild night (or week) is only the beginning!


Welcome to some of the new (and returning) commenters. Glad you could stop in and say something. I appreciate every one and they keep the captions flowing. So a shout-out to Zoe and Leslie, and also Beatrice Black plus many of the regulars like Ian, Erin, Helena, Lacy, Karen and whenever she can, Katie Mills. This blog wouldn't be the same without you all!

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  1. Fun cap, and Jinny deserves to be on a pedestal. I do believe however that we should be allowed, even encouraged to touch, lick, stroke and mount her. Or else, what fun would it be to have her up there.