Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kaaren Is Buzzing Around the Park!

They can certainly be busy during the evening hours!

Made this for Kaaren as she was the person who commented at the right time, with the right number. I think it might have been comment #3737 if I remember correctly .. see everyone! It pays to comment here from time to time! Anyway, I had asked for a male name, but ended up not needing it .. though in the future I might try to remember it!

Anyway, I had fun making this one. for some reason, I like making pervy captions in a park setting. For instance, this one from September 2013, called, "Nonchalantly waiting for help in the park!" aka "it runs in the family". I guess that it has something to do with it being a REALLY public place where anyone of any age and in any social circle can visit, get some exercise, and relax. Usually there is a laid back vibe, and people are just plain friendlier. That is just such a wide open setting, that when you stick a fetish which could lead to exposure and embarrassment in there, it just invites a whole bunch of scenarios to build off of.

I also like that it starts off so innocently, just like our dear friend Sissy Kaaren, but then shows the underlying kink factor turned up a few degrees. Edith Winkle is such a fun name to create that I might have to include her again sometime, maybe add her to my little circle of goodies like Jenkins or credenzas. And is Kaaren actually shivering because of her outfit, or because that toy in her bottom is making her tingle? Only Kaaren knows .. and maybe THE SHADOW!

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  1. I've actually done something very similar to this Dee!!!!! I have dozens of fetishes as you've probably figured out by now and exposure and public humiliation are way up on that list!!!
    We were in a restaurant and the waiter was waiting for me to order....he was also probably wondering where that buzzing was coming sweet little wife was staring only at her menu while I was trying so hard not to cum in my panties When she hit the remote again I gasped as the noise got a little louder! I don't know who's face was redder mine from the vibrating plug or the waiters when he realized what was happening!!!!! He coughed and said he'd give us a little more time to make our selections and practically ran away from our table! She thought it was the funniest thing and later I agreed! I can still picture the poor mans face...Priceless!
    Thanks for the cap Dee! I think you've captured me very well!

  2. I would agree with Kaaren. This is sooooo her! Lovely!



  3. I think the park represents somewhere that is both incredibly public and incredibly social. By that I mean that there are many many people doing all manner of things, but it's not taboo to people watch. Walking down the street you can feel like you are one in a million, but in a park you get the sense that you are part of a group. I think it may be the prefect venue for private/public humiliations.

    Great squirmy cap Dee!.

    1. You always decipher hidden meaning so well. Glad to see you lurking around sweetie.

  4. Replies
    1. It is a shame what happened to her later on in life, but she was one of the most stunningly beautiful women from the olden days, along with Julie Newmar and Cyd Charisse. I thought that this a Capella version was charming and yet almost haunting in a way that her original (and the Stones) versions weren't.

  5. Lovely cap. I guess there's nothing to add for me to the perks of a cap in the park.

    I've seen a lot of French movies, but somehow missed this one. This version of "As tears go by" is almost like a prayer. It's amazing how much some songs gain when they are performed in the most basic setting.

    1. I've not seen it either, but saw something a few years ago about it finally being released in America in 2009, which also saw a criterion version released on DVD. I guess it was held up in litigation in the USA due to Godard not securing rights to a book it is kind of based on. I believe it is on Youtube somwhere.

      When I read the article about the release, it talked about how stunningly amazing Faithful's rendition was in the movie .. so I figured it would work here, mostly due to the line about being in the park.