It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don't Worry About It Annabelle .. Auntie Can Make It All Better!

We are family .. I've got all my sister's with me!

Made this one as for Annebelle Raven and it really did evolve a bit as I was making it, so let us chat it up and see which way YOU would have preferred it to go..

Originally, I thought that the picture would be a great Auntie setup, as the photo pretty much COULD be a guy if the remnants of the mascara  and whatever eye shadow there were was just washed off a BIT more. Perhaps the hair had been dyed just a little TOO blonde as well. I thought it would be a great setup for a caught with consequences scenario, either where he THOUGHT he got everything cleaned up in time for when the parents and sister came back, or maybe a female neighbor next door or auntie was dressing him up and was planning on him being exposed. Perhaps even the sister herself was going to do the, "He's been in my room so I am making him be a girl for a few weeks, don't you think that is suitable punishment?!?" while he was passed out and woke up to seeing his mom or dad hovering over him.

Once I got it into a the caption setting though, it didn't really feel like what the expression on her face was saying, especially after I wrote the first few lines of her dialog. I thought about how Auntie would be the sister of one of his parents, and BINGO! I had my hook, especially since those lines read like something that Annabelle Raven would write. So why not make it FOR her?

Once I had that all set up, it wasn't too hard to tie in the family aspect of it. I hope that there are enough "auntie" captions out there that the shift in tone to an accepting caption was a bit of a surprise for those in the know. Otherwise, it is pretty sweet and loving from the get go.


  1. Dee,

    Yes, this pic works wonders with the "script." The heorine, as I like to call my beauties in these photos, looks just androgynous enough to be a girl discovering that she can be (and maybe should be a girl!)

    And of course, she should be reunited with dad - or mom, the "sister" of Molly's auntie - ASAP. This whole thing reminds me greatly of two great Vaingirls modified comic covers. Hopefully, you have been a fan of Jezzi Stuart's awesome work as I have. The "niece Kimmie" and "Kimmie's Mom" 2 cover arc is like another version of your cap - with the added pop of the auntie being f'n Madge, the Palmolive Lady! (Dee, I think you love retro pop culture as much as I do!)

    Thanks sis :)

    PS: here are the links to the Vaingirls covers:

    1. I vaguely remember her but they had disappeared long ago and hadn't realized someone saved them. It does seem to fit into my caption but I can't say I was influenced by these covers, it was mostly, as I said above, going to be a standard "Auntie" caption but when I started writing, it took on a feel of one of your captions, so I went with it, and was glad I did.

      And yes, as a fan of old commercials, I have heard of Madge, and her soaking in it! Before cartoons would start in the afternoon, it was housewife time, so I'd definitely get those types of commercials when I was young.

    2. I wanna be clear, I certainly was NOT suggesting that the concept of the cap was anything but your own unique creation. I was just tickled at how much it reminded me of Jezzi's covers. Great stuff :)

    3. I wasn't offended. As someone that usually says where I rip off (I mean, state my influences) my ideas, the covers didn't directly guide my writing.

    4. Figured you were not but wanted to clarify any ambiguity. :). You cool with me x-posting this on my blogs?

    5. Not a problem. As I listed in my disclaimer, as long as you don't change my caption and provide a link to my blog, I'm fine with people cross-posting my stuff.

    6. Yep, I definitely have posted with x-links. I also posted the VG covers that I described above. Thx again Dee!

  2. For my own tastes its not a hit as I tend to enjoy the forced side of things. I do read the willing captions to and some do melt this old bitter twisted heart.
    You well of course know more than myself the scene is a broad church. I am all for that.

    1. You know me .. I like to go against the grain if the opportunity arises. I tend to get bored if I stay with one style, genre, or end up getting stuck in a rut. Glad you are here for the long haul anyway!

  3. A sweet cap like this is a lovely change from your normal work.
    It also made me wonder what my dad was into before he passed away, when he was still healthy.
    They say I'm the spitting image of my dad. I can only wonder if it's just the looks. There were signs he would have enjoyed this community as well. True, most people wouldn't even recognize them, unless they are part of this community in one way or the other.

    How cool would it have been to be able to share this with my dad.

    And that leaves my question to you and your readers.
    How about your dads? What were they into?
    If you don't know, what were their favorite shows? Who were their favorite characters from it? What were their favorite songs?
    Who knows, maybe "like father like son" is more accurate than you thought.

    1. I really don't think I would ask my dad if he liked to dress up in women's clothing or anything like that.

      He's gotten much more mellow as he approaches retirement age .. middle 60's .. so while he was into Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Led Zep, etc .. when I was younger, I think just listens to whatever 70's - 80's station is on as background music.I'm not even that old, and some of my friends have gotten into country music .. GAH! What the hell happened to them? They got old!

  4. Very interesting back and forth here. I happen to love this caption and often wonder how frequently a desire to crossdress goes from generation to generation without anyone being aware of the mutual draw.

    1. Due to social stigma guess it would be a hard thing to research the cross dressing gene. i;ve no proof just gut feeling that its more of a learnt mental response.
      that said i did see a TV program that showed brain scans of trans sexual s compare with female brain scans but that could be hormonal not genetic. this is a distant memory so i would check research out.
      And of course TS is not the same as TV/Cross dressing.though i expect they over lap.

    2. I love this caption, it's a lovely image and a great interpretation of the expression.

      As to the question of genetics and hormones and learnt behavioural response: I heard a study, alas I have no link, that suggested somewhere in the region of 3 in 1000 people were born with physical gender characteristics that did not match their hormonal characteristics. However, there is a big difference between that and CD/TV though, as you point out, that would suggest that it is more 'learned' - especially given as it is less the material or colour for me, but the cut and the designation. So, using my anecdotal set of one, I'd have to conclude that my own cross-dressing is a combination of a whole host of factors that I still don't fully understand.