Friday, December 5, 2014

No Coal for Leeanne This Christmas!

I think she will definitely get a pearl necklace or two though!

Made this one today for Leeanne as I was wandering through my D'archives of source pictures. In this case, I thought of a sissy's wife having something warm inside her panties, so why not Leeanne? It is rare for me to not put the subject's image in a caption, but in a way, this could make it feel much more universal ... well, as universal as for anyone with their sissy name being Leeanne!

Anyhow, its the first of at least three Christmas captions I'll be posting here in the blog. I definitely have two more on the way, as I've created them for the 25 Days of Christmas post on the Haven. One provisionally stars Katie Mills, and the other contains no names so a reader could imagine themselves as the protagonist. Both would be Hallmark Christmas specials if I had my own network, but until that happens, you'll have to just enjoy them in caption format.

Do you think we should have one last DIY Challenge, or start them up again in the New Year? I know this month can be very busy, even just maintaining a web presence, never mind whipping up stories and captions. Let me know, as it wouldn't be that hard for me to conjure up a TG caption setting for others to write .. I would just hope I'd have people reading that could have time to create something on their own we could post when the Challenge is over.


  1. I must say Dee (and I'm not the lease bit embarrassed to admit it) but you really know how to tweak a sissy's imagination. Some sweet and juicy "sugarplum," served by my cheerleader from her "basket" of treats, is a Christmas gift I will always cherish. giggle. And her boss? Uh, yeah! He is anything but tiny. Thank you for the "sweet" and "tasty" caption sweetie,

    Hugs and kisses,


    1. So glad you liked it. I think that was my first actual "sissy" Christmas caption. I tend to do more traditional magic captions since it can be such a magical time of year. It was fun to make one that was totally grounded in reality .. well SOME people's reality!