Saturday, December 6, 2014

Not Just the Decor Has Changed!

Though what Lyndee wants is still the same!

Made this one today as I saw the picture and immediately thought of Lyndee. Fairly basic caption but it makes you wonder a bit about things that happen a month or two after your usual TG caption transformation has occurred. So the "bro-tastic" protagonist has met his match and been turned into a woman after a late night bar crawl / one night stand by the goth/witch/gypsy/pixie .. is he going to live in the same apartment with the stack of 30 pizza boxes and the industrial wire spool for a coffee table? Most likely not! With new body parts, its likely that not only is the bathroom spotless, but the toilet seat is permanently glued to the rim! Only the bedroom with clothes strewn all over the place is there allowed to be a mess! Who am I kidding?!? Any early twenties person is going to have a slovenly living experience unless they are OCD. Girls won't be as bad as guys, but it'll still have lots of clutter and disorganization.

Well, that original thought is what went into making this caption. Sometimes in making these captions, and pointing of the differences, I feel like one of those stereotypical bad comics that are all like, "Black people be all like ...  White people all be like ..." Its all in fun though, and if you don't get enjoyment out of TG Captions, we aren't doing it right!


  1. Ha, this is what would happen if an old friend of me would turn into one of my few ex GF's. Okay, he did have a decent coffee table, and the pizzaboxes would be mixed with boxes from Chinese takaway, but the description fits. She on the other hand had her appartment so spotless, I was almost afraid enter it, because God forbid, something would get out of place. When I had to drill a hole in the wall for a painting, it was the end of it as well.

  2. While I agree with your idea, I believe it would take a bit of time. Maybe even worse for the first few weeks.