Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The View From Up Above ...

.. Makes me see the hope I may have missed!

Made this one the other day. Saw the picture as a thumbnail, and opened it up because I wondered why there was so much open space in it (perhaps it was just a wide scenic shot of a town from above?) and that perhaps I could fill that area with text. Once opened, I saw the rainbow and thought of this storyline of someone about to end their life.

Life can really suck, and sometimes its hard to get out of that funk, especially when you are so deep down into it. A sense of perspective and from a different angle, can change your point of view, and often its that fleeting moment that can turn things around. An unexpected hand that can lift you up and show you things can get better, if you only believe they will.

When you are up above the rest of the world, you can look down and see connections, patterns, and pathways that aren't in view at ground level. It also forces you to look upward and face the clouds and vast open sky, with nothing standing in your way. You can't find your rainbow unless you look up and expect it to be there when you need it. If your eyes are closed, you can only see darkness. With eyelids squinted, you can only see the white light, boring white light. When you truly open them, you'll see all the pretty hues that nature provides. Let them color your world vibrantly.


  1. What a lovely and happy caption Dee! I love it! And I love all 3 songs you've linked as well.



    1. I usually try to match the song somehow with either the caption or with a discussion. This time I tried to make the songs flow from the top to the bottom as it was being written.

      Glad to see that you think I succeeded in that!

  2. OMG! OMG!!!! I am not even joking while I was reading this "Touch" by Daft Punk was playing on my Spotify! Paul Williams! If that's not a coincidence...then...freaky cool. I really love this caption, made me tear up, just like the Rainbow Connection always has. Your captions and words are truly inspiring:)

    1. So glad that you enjoyed both the caption and the discussion. I try to run the gamut here on this blog. I always try to give background and expand beyond, "here is another caption I made!"

      Sometimes it's silly, sometimes it's sexy, and sometimes it's more serious.

      I'm glad that my readers allow me to express everything I am and how I feel. Its a great privilege to have people that like to view what I create and I don't take it lightly.

  3. Loved it Dee! I also enjoy that tune, "Rainbow Connection". It is a pretty song to say the least. I really enjoyed the image as well. The girl looks truly happy and she is as pretty as the song.
    xoxoxo Katie ;)

  4. Wonderfull cap, and a rainbow cap no less. I haven't seen much of them around.
    Even knowing the science behind a rainbow, has never stopped me to enjoy it's magical sight. A sight you captured so beautifully.
    And indeed the songs match very well. It gives me an appetite to watch "the Wizard of Oz."

  5. Its true. We can get caught up in our troubles, the gloomy clouds can impair our vision. It takes something like a rainbow to open our eyes, but the pot of luck may allow us to go above and beyond our troubles. Or at least we can hope...