Saturday, October 4, 2014

Get Off Your Damn Cell Phone and Enjoy Life!

Or teens are the same no matter what generation they belong.

Made this quickie for Totalditz (Ashlee) a few minutes ago as I was looking at her blog(s) and wanted to make something relatively innocent. Found this picture and I thought it meshed well with her preferences to be a boy-crazy teenybopper girl. Most teens have a cell phone embedded onto their hands so it wasn't hard to whip up a story documenting a Mom mad that her son and his best friend never engage in any sort of "real" social contact with the opposite sex. A nice little quickie I hope you (and Ashlee) enjoy!

I have a few captions here and there on the backburner but not too many recent captions left that haven't been posted so its almost a "make a caption, upload to the blog" situation lately. I am hoping that the antibiotics are going to finally, really kick in and I'll be healthy enough to both work AND not be so tuckered out when I get home that I just feel like going to bed. Then I can actually spend some more time making captions, which without those, I don't really have much of a blog then, do I? LOL

Speaking of "clean captions" I have one for Claire from Courtney's Clean Caps that I am almost done with, but I'm not sure about the ending .. so I'm thinking about finishing it off in a few different ways. Just haven't had the brain power to push through and get it right yet.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See ya in a day or two!

Well, I also could've went with THIS one as well!


  1. yes kids today have it easy. After working part time 26 hours a day I had to walk, yes walk 18 miles to my friends house if we wanted to talk about those new fangled steam engines!

  2. LOL, cute cap. It is rare to see teens without a cell phone, but even up to my age and beyond a lot of people hang on to their cell phones like it is some kind of life line.
    I had it better than Ian, at least my friend lived across the street. We used tin can telephones;)
    I hope you get well ASAP.

  3. I've noticed that many adults are now falling into the same behaviors that the teens are doing, barely looking up anymore to see what is going on. Sometimes you hear about a shooting in broad day light and that there were no witnesses. It used to be that no one wanted to be a snitch. Now I think they are telling the truth that they DIDN'T see anything because they were too involved with their technology.

    In other news, I just bought myself a new cell phone! LOL