Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Werewoman .. or Canadian?

Its always a mystery, isn't it? Come inside, there is a discussion awaiting!

Made this one for Shannon2525 on the Haven, and even though she isn't around much, I thought this one would be good for her, since its more in the "voluntary/accepted" vein. The concept started while I was looking at pictures on the web and found a cache of old Violet from Southern Charms photos. One of them made me think of a caption zinger of, "I'm going to fuck you now. Why don't you just stop asking questions!"

From there, I needed to flesh it out a bit. I had the whole "Dad seduces his son's best friend" idea right away since in my opinion Violet is the ulimate MILF. I wanted to find a source picture of her that was in a living room, and even after going through my Violet d'archives (enjoying myself for about an hour or so!) I couldn't find one that worked better than the original, so I snagged it and placed it in the caption setting.

I worked my way through the dialog, needing to figure out how to introduce the alter ego of the dad. Well, certainly its his best friend's Auntie that had never been mentioned before (the old comedy chestnut of making up imaginary girlfriends/relatives from Canada) since they even look alike! Then just introduce the continued questioning and "look, just fuck me dammit!" and go home.

But something more was lurking underneath the surface here and I wasn't sure what it was. Sometimes I just let it go and start something else because I'm Adult ADD, but luckily I stuck with it this time. I was debating the whole, "why not let him hear the odd details of HOW the Dad ended up like this" and give him a choice, depending on how horny he was? At one point I had thought about Damien and Jim having had a contest to see who would lose their virginity first and somehow Jim's Mom made Dad like that so her son's purity would remain, but I hate to say it, most guys are rooting for their sons to be popular and hopefully plowing prom queens.

For some reason, a werewoman sounds like a ludicrous idea, especially when confronted with it in a situation like I have created .. so I went for it. I loved the idea and was ready to wrap it up again with the "Are all Canadian women as hot as you?" with the zinger, sort of implying that the whole werewoman thing was actually a bit of a turn on if you wanted to read it that way.

Once again though, I thought I was leaving some meat on the bone. Damien is young, probably just turned 18 (to fit into the whole Haven guidelines of sexuality) and I was like, "If Shane/Shannon is a werewoman, perhaps ALL the males in the family are cursed .. and turning 18 years old would be a great time for it to strike Jim!"

Time to try to create some more space to add in these details! I'd already shrunk it down once, but I figured I could probably get 4-5 more lines in .. just have to make each word count. I had already started with the whole "coded" words, sort of like how "confirmed bachelor" meant "gay" in the 1960's. I could work with the whole "Canadian" family dynamic I'd already established. I think I gave a fair amount of information,  all to be read in between the lines, for both Damien and the readers.

I am quite fond of this TG creation, and how being tenacious made it a MUCH better caption than the initial intention of a playful and sexually charged quickie. I would like to hear what you think about the process behind the caption and if the extra touches made it more enjoyable. It'll never be as long a write up as some of Caitlyn's awesome explanations, but for me, this was quite a slog to write up!


  1. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, Dee. And I have a great fondness for Shannon and her work (and yours too). Thus I love this cap as well. If Damien can be patient for a month or so, he can enjoy the MILF and her daughter ;)

  2. the were woman theme is not my favourite but this one works.
    it is very interesting to read about the process and re writes and how one idea morphs in to another.
    I think most people assume that a creation should come out perfectly formed whether its a caption, story, poem.
    art etc. and give up if that is not the case. its nice to know that that is very rare and all go things have to be worked on and persevered with .

  3. Terrific writing here. Great job!

  4. Great cap. Our mind can justify a lot if it suits us best, so Damien rather believing in Canadian relatives so he can get his own mrs. Robinson or Maggie Mae? Well, I guess that's what any guy would do.

  5. Love it! Always been a fan of the werewoman sub-genre! Hopefully we'll get a follow up from the son/soon to be werewoman dealing with the curse when it hits :)