Sunday, October 5, 2014

Texas Chainsaw Fricassee!

or should it be House of a Thousand Courses? The Hunger?

Made this one for Zee (formerly Zakiszak on the Haven) who has made a reappearance after being gone for quite some time. It makes me so happy when people I knew awhile ago come back because it shows the community is so loved, people wish to return and see old friends. She has a great sense of humor, and in fact, her first set of preferences included "New compulsions and desires that come with the new form and are difficult to deal with.  Could be lust, could be the need to dress like a carrot." which meant that Courtney, and then me, made her a silly caption:

Which I entitled, "Eating her out is part of your nutritionally balanced diet!" This was back when Bimbo Jessica was a part of the Haven, and she had a way of drawing out the "sillies" in people that was continued on by Steffie and Petra. She loved Looney Tunes and Jessica was often the cartoon character out of the group, and was so bigger than life.

That is the mindset I had when I found the awesome source picture of 2 girls getting friendly with each other in what seems to be a cooking pot! I had just finished posting the caption on Friday night and said, "I HAVE to caption this picture RIGHT NOW!" and I'm so glad I did. Other than the fact its in a more current caption setting, for me its like being back in 2009 again creating things to make people giggle out loud. If I did that to you, then I did my job well!


  1. Two great caps for the price of one. If the carrot girl would be in the TCM cap, Leatherface would get his vegetables too.