Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Odd choice of reading material, Mr Jenkins!

Yeah, Jenkins has been around for quite some time now, hasn't he?

A pretty straightforward caption from back in September of 2009 for Shauna Marie. This might have been around the time when I really started liking the whole obliviousness that I infuse to my captions now and again. Even with evidence right in her hand, Shauna has no idea what is being done, unless Jenkins lets her figure it out for a bit, before putting her head back in the clouds. The fact that you can't see her face helps others picture themselves in this situation I think, along with the somewhat male attire from the waist up. Who knows what is next in store for our lovely Shauna?

Perhaps everyone has bracket fever or something? The page hits have taken a severe beating over the last few days.  I figure that I get more hits when others are updating their pages, and I haven't seen Hailey, Katie, Britney, Simone, Jennifer post in awhile on their blogs. People go to one of the blogs, see the roster on the side that says, "Dee updated her blog 10 hours ago!" and they come and visit. I think it works both ways, that when they come to see my latest, they'll find out that Kaitlyn updated too. I think its time we start putting vibrating but plugs in everybody's panties to get them moving (and horny!) enough to have them post some new stuff!

Felt in the mood for some fake Dylan, so here are two of the best at fake Zimmerman. Anytime you can do a Dylan parody, and do it funny enough that you wonder if Bob helped out, its golden!

This one seems lascivious, but it isn't. Its the "Shaving Cream" of Dylan parodies.

Weird Al is a fucking genius. How about a Dylan parody where everything said is a palindrome? .. and the fucking thing RHYMES!

Anyone up for making a palindrome TG caption? Hell, if anyone can even right the text, I'll make it into a caption for you. Any takers?

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  1. Great caption, Mr. Jenkins must have quite a staff by now, he must have his own HR to keep track of things.
    I never heard of Bowser and Blue before, but it is the first time I ever liked polka dot undies;-)
    And it is for the first time this song of Weird Al makes any sense to me. I never knew nor noticed it was a palindrome. So it went in an instant from "what the Hell" to "Brilliant".