Saturday, March 23, 2013

All American Girl Next Door!

Not QUITE the girl that Tom Petty was singing about, was she?


There must be a convention someplace where all the cool TG caption fans are, because they certainly haven't been dropping by here! I understand that I was away for a few days in posting and the last post wasn't exactly life changing, but none of my last 3 posts have even hit 1k in views yet, and I don't think I've had one lower than 1k in like 9 months.

While the hits have decreased. the amount of spam comments has increased .. I had 9 in my filter this morning, and one of them actually made it through. Some others have mentioned the same thing happening to them, including Caitlyn, who had to turn her CAPCHA thing back on. I probably would as well if I had 30 comments sitting in my spam box overnight. Lets hope that BLOGGER can get this back under control.

Perhaps its Spring Break time and everyone is enjoying a trip down to Bikini Beach? I guess I wouldn't be online much either if I was wandering around in a hot chick's body frolicking in the warm waters instead of shoveling out from TWO snow storms over the last 4 days!

I am in the process of thinking about some new things to do here in this blog. I am looking for suggestions as well though, as I can have a complete tunnel vision / blind spot when it comes to how to improve this site. I think its pretty kick ass as it is, but I want people to WANT to keep coming back. We all see our best features but not our faults ... please tell me mine in the comments! Let it rip .. I like to THINK that I'm thick skinned enough to handle it!


  1. Have always loved your captions, don't change anything :D

    1. Also your site is a daily stop for me :) Your plot lines and humor have always kept me coming back

    2. Thanks Sweetie! If you ever do have a suggestion, I would listen and see if it is feasible for me to do. I don't want this place to become stale.

  2. I agree Dee. Your site is at least a once a day visit for me. I love your blog! But you know that. Perhaps this is just spring rearing its ugly head?

    1. It could be that people elsewhere are having decent weather (and daylight savings time too) and are finally getting the cabin fever out of their systems. I will probably be happy to do that as well when we have a day of Spring that doesn't have snow or freezing rain in it! Looking at the forecast now and we have snow listed for Monday! WOOO!

      I still don't know how you post so many things per day! I'm psyched if I can post 4 times a week, and you do 2-3 EVERY day! Apparently your sissy duties give you lots of free time? Or is the site a part of your sissy duties? LOL

  3. Dee,

    Cute cap! It's funny how people believe that a generic statement like 'All American Girl' will mean the same thing to everybody else. Is an 'All American Girl' blonde? Brunette? Red Head? Raven Haired? Busty? Slim? Tall? Short? European? Native American? I particularly find that disconnect from what people think in the statement of 'Good'. It seems that if someone likes something, then they believe that everyone else must like it. And that if they don't like it, then it must be bad. Really beauty and even function can be seen only in the eyes of those beholding it.

    I can't say that I'm having the same viewership problem that you are (beyond the increased spam content). But then again for the past year or so my page views are tied directly to the content of my posts. My count goes up like crazy when I post a 'smutty' cap with a dirty picture, and it goes down fast when I don't post. And when I post something more tame the page views go up, but not by much.

    I can't see how your last few posts have been anything different than the previous posts though. Good fun funny well designed caps with a good conversation starter. They weren't discussions that I personal felt I could add anything too, but the content was still there.

    And while I'm always open to seeing new things on your (or any) blog, I can't think of anything more that I'd be looking for. Like the previous commenters, I stop by here on a daily basis (many days more than once), so you won't be getting any additional views from me personally. But so long as anything new doesn't take away from what you currently do, I can't see any harm in trying something.

    1. The "all American girl" thing was the topic of the caption because it was made for Kara Kent, who was/is a big fan of Supergirl. As you mentioned, there are so many different ways to think about one. Its why I think that Bettie Page still has the allure that many of the other pin-up girls don't .. she has that "it" for so many people.

      I think my viewership is mostly governed by others' blog activity. I can see it. When people like you, Britney Shagwell, Simone, Alectra etc. post regularly, I get those web viewers that click over to me. I really do attribute much of my increase in readers to be based off the Xmas exchange and the people that read some of the newer bloggers like Hailey and Katie. Those two have slowed down recently, and I think that is why I've slowed down a bit.

      I'm probably just cranky anyway as its been a tough week. I had the anniversary of my mother's death, a childhood friend just had a brain tumor biopsy, weather being a pain in the ass, etc .. When I looked at the stats, I saw that "Balls of Chocolate Fury" had almost 2k views while my caption for Victoria "... Stairway to Haven" has less that 600 views. So a quickie joke caption I made in about 8 minutes had 3x as many views (I understand its been out longer) as something that I thought was quite good made me question what was going on here on my blog. Maybe Blogger's counter broke for a few days, it wouldn't shock me, but its probably just a confluence of events that are making me think about ways to keep me and the blog from becoming "old hat" as one of my last captions was called.

    2. So what you are saying is 'Caitlyn, get yer tush in gear and send me more traffic!'?

      I kid, I kid.

      While I do get quite a lot of traffic from other blogs, my main source of viewers is still They've garnered me more than twice the number of viewers than my next referrer (Smitty's blog). Something that really drives my traffic is the time I post. If I post late in the afternoon (after 3:30pm), I tend to get more views. But then again I see that you post pretty consistently between 9 and 11pm, so that shouldn't be making the difference between your last three posts and the ones before that. I don't think bloggers counter has broken, as I'm still getting consistent results between what blogger is reporting and what Google Analytics is reporting (GA of course shows more, but there isn't a major discrepancy between the two any time recently).

      I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad week *Hug*. We've gotten some snow here as well, but not enough to even warrant shoveling the driveway (it melts away within 24 hours on it's own).

      I hear you on the frustration on what seems to get views. It sometimes bothers me that there is such a huge gap between my 'hardcore' caps, and the ones without that hardcore image. For example the cap I made for Mistress Simone "we're all SLAVES to something" has only recieved 1500 views in 8 days while the dirtier and less creative "More Than Skin Deep" has earned 2200 views in 3 days.

      I think what you've been seeing is an aberration. It's just hard to say whether the increased page views is the aberration (and you are just returning to normal), or your down turn is the aberration (and you'll be returning to 1000+ page views soon)

  4. There is indeed a convention for cool TG caption fans, So I have all the time to visit and comment on your blog. Would it help if I stop by more often?
    But seriously, I am clueless as to why your page views have dropped.
    I am always in for something new, even if I'm completely satisfied with your blog as it is: Good captions, good discussions and good music. But that is just me. When I visit your blog, I come to visit you, so whatever changes may come, I hope that remains.

    It is a lovely caption, by the way.
    I never thought of an "all American Girl" as a type of girl, but more something that is different for everyone.