Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A STEP in the Wrong Direction!

I am wondering how many Domme stories started out this way? Not as many as my readers would like!

I liked this picture because it seemed fairly innocent, even though I'm sure that it's the start of some porn setup. The model isn't overly glammed up, and the set looks like a normal, though under-cluttered for a girls room. But, this is TG captions you are coming here for, so let's just let some things slide!

I do wonder if Maddie was blackmailing her stepbrother too. That would throw another element into the family dynamics .. and the panty check would make sure that Daddy stays in line, at least until he's given her all that she wants and needs. then it'll be time to either break up the marriage, or head off to college and let MOM take over controlling his life!

I think I'll have a post for Friday night, and then I'll be gone until Tuesday, January 5th unless something screws up my long weekend plans for Independence Day. I've got Jeff Goldblum filling in for me at work, so I think we'll be fine, unless he screws around with the transmogrifier while enjoying the employee picnic!

Discussion Question .. did anyone in your family, or friends, know about your crossdressing / desires to be feminine? How'd they find out and did they approve / join in / help you with what you wanted to do? Who knows now? Let us know below. Let's get a few comments, and I will tell you my answers sometime next week, OK?

Like it was going to be anything else today, right?


  1. Well isn't she a clever one getting all those nice things from stepdad. I bet bro knows about him too. I'd say her and Mom would enjoy controlling both of them. In time they'd also enjoy it.

    Yes it is a lovely outfit too of course.

    I think most CD's get caught or someone in the family knows about it and keeps it a secret, not acting on it.

    1. Yeah, if not implicitly accepting, at least keeping it to themselves. "Don't ask, don't tell," wasn't just a military standard.

  2. I rather suspect a family member or two knew - when younger one isn't nearly as good at getting away with things as one thinks, are they? But they didn't want to pursue it, and neither did I. So it was just unhappy ignoring of something all the way around.

    Funny thing - with gender blending and blurring so accepted now, I don't even know to what degree this would be blackmail-able these days.

    1. Yeah, I'm sure there would be some embarrassment, but I think more along the lines of, "stop wearing your sister's clothing! That's gross!" than anything else.