Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Weekend Get-A-Way, With a Twist!

There just HAS to be a travel agency that can make this happen right? Some sort of resort?

I'd never have enough money to get to a place like that anyway. I'd probably even settle for a trailer park swap experience, where I had to work as a Hooter's waitress to help pay for it all!

Made this for Lacy, and while I am sure she appreciates the sentiment from her wife hubby, I cannot imagine that a burlap sack is the slightest bit comfortable. She shouldn't settle for anything less than satin or silk!

And it's a lovely view, and the scenery isn't that bad either. Not sure what they are drinking, but I think I might pass on it. I definitely want something girlier, fruity, and wickedly alcoholic. If you are going to have a smaller body, might as well use it to your full advantage!

So, who's signing up for one of these vacation packages? Tell us where you would go, and what would you do when you got there. Would this be a couples retreat, or perhaps a "Girls Weekend" ?!? Inquiring minds need to know, and maybe give us some good ideas on how to spend some down time, or DTF time!

"Conventional Wisdom - Part 2" IS coming soon, I promise. Just wanted to get this one out before the weekend. I really need to get away myself. If you are somewhere having fun, have a drink or two for me!


  1. See the trailer park Hooters waitress thing does sound like fun!

    1. Indeed it sort of does! Especially if there was a "trailer park" mentality and/or compulsion included. Though I'd probably need a vacation from my vacation afterwards!

    2. She gets to go on a lingerie shopping spree! What a deal! Zoe

    3. Hey Zoe! I got your message a while ago, but hoped you'd figured it out. I am not sure what is going on with your email. If you are signed in, you should be able to leave a message under that account. Clear out cookies, maybe update to the latest version of the browser .. those are two things I'd suggest to start.