Saturday, May 14, 2022

"Conventional" Wisdom - Part II

Even more new seminars awaiting my fans. Please sign up, because I'm coming to a city near you!

Had an idea in my brain, and I needed to hunt down a picture or two that would work. Ended up finding two, so I made a caption for both. This was the second one I wrote up, and so if you haven't read part one yet, please do because it will set up this one much easier, though you could still probably follow along if you are a rebel. 

And who knew that Dee Mentia was so prolific in writing self-help books? I mean, self-help in a way that it helps others by taking care of you the way you should be! i like to think that in the end, everyone benefits.

So this one is more AR / Youth oriented. When I was writing up the first one, I chuckled at the idea of walking into the wrong convention hall room, filled with meathead gym and beefy shop teachers, and saying, "FUCK IT!" and just transforming them for the crime of being in the wrong room at the right time.

From there, I just worked it more into the framework of the first caption so that I ended up with a set. Hell, maybe I'll work on a third part someday soon, who knows?

And once again, I make money from both sales AND my Dee Talks. Maybe I can expand to a fashion line at some point. It worked for Hilary Duff!

Please let me know what you thought of these, and which caption did you prefer? What sort of affected group should star in part 3 or beyond? Comment down below!


  1. Without a word of a lie, I fully believe that changing a group of people because they were in the wrong room is something that my witch Ember Montoya would do.

    This is a delicious caption though. Love the idea of the teachers being turned into female students but THEN paired up with their worst students to learn how to be slacker teens! Wonderful :)

    1. Feel free to use that idea if you hadn't already. I may use it, but then again, I may forget all about it by the next time I'm making captions!

      And yes, I'm glad you liked the caption plot. For some reason, I think my "real" Dee voice came out i this one, almost like the actually person that writes this blog, also wrote books AND was delivering a seminar. I didn't have to pretend to be something else character wise.