Monday, April 18, 2022

We've Found A Way to Cure Springtime Allergies!

It even cleared up my post nasal drip! And only a slight chance of side effects!

I'd much rather turn out this way than have to deal with watery eyes, drowsiness, and of course, never being able to go to people's houses with pets!

Made this caption for myself, as I am pretty much allergic to everything. I love animals, but I cannot go to zoos, or even visit people who have pets, never mind date someone with a dog or a cat. Last week I was scheduled for my monthly THREE allergy shots (when I got the results of the skin prick test, I was allergic to 45 of the 48 things I was tested for .. and one of the ones I wasn't allergic to was .. water!) so when I came across this photo, and this idea came to my mind. 

I would so sign up for anything that took care of my issues and allowed me to have a dog. And unlike those commercials where there are side effects like skin lesions, migraine headaches, suicidal tendencies, anal leakage, an affinity for Rob Schneider movies, etc  .. the worst case is that you end up looking like a MILF. Hell, I'm guessing many of you would pretend you HAD allergies just for the treatment. But us people who DO suffer should be first in line for the cure!

And while I should have been suspicious of any doctor who look like he's selling stolen art as a side hustle .. I think the results speak for themselves. And if I bark or meow in public randomly, I look at that as a feature, not a bug in the programming! Now, if you don't mind, I have a leash that needs someone I know attached to it. Know anyone that wants to go walkies?? Hmmmm?!?


  1. Dee, I too have allergies so please share this allergist contact with me.

  2. Yes you need to share this docs contact details :))