Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen .. Reefer Woman! Happy 4/20 Everyone!

Don't harsh my buzz, bud! It only happens once a year, so I won't blow smoke up your ass!

It's 4/20 and I thought I might make something to celebrate. I definitely don't inhale, but I do use edibles from time to time. I won't begrudge anyone their doobage, as long as I'm not there when they smoke it. The smell makes me nauseous, unfortunately. 

My idea was of a guy who's really straight edge, bit of a geek, who's very reliable and works hard. BUT he's cursed to become a massive stoner chick on April 20th of each year, so he always takes the day off from his job. Based off of real life (sort of) because I know a few people that celebrate 4/20 by taking a vacation day and indulging. So, what would happen if others just 'called out' and the boss decided, "Why not call Matt in? Not like he's really doing anything!" There in lies the rub. Sort of like the TG version of Clerks.

Since this is a quickie, I'll probably post something tomorrow too. I already had something written up for today, but this instant Blog Exclusive will push that back somewhat.

Let me know if you are likewise enjoying a Green Day on 4/20, or I guess 20/4 if you are in Europe? Or perhaps you get stoned while dressing up? Hallucinate that you are a member of the opposite sex? What do you like more as a day or partying .. New Years' Eve, St. Patrick's Day, or 4/20?


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    1. I wonder if he was more of a Biz Markie rip-off than anything else.