Thursday, June 3, 2021

It's A Total She-Shed! And Democracy in Action!

All that, in ONE caption? Yeah, *I* can make that happen, and I just did! Come on inside!

Saw this picture and thought about a disgruntled guy being mad that there's really no space for him once he moved into his GF's house to live with her and her daughter. From there, it became a metaphor for politics in America and how it might be taken care of if it was up to me. I'm guessing this guy thought that HE was still on power, even though "the people" had spoken?

Other than that, it's a blog exclusive that everyone will enjoy. Who wouldn't want to be remodeled like our protagonist? I mean, all the rooms of the house now fit in with her esthetic .. or perhaps a few other changes can be arranged for her benefit .. well, maybe if there's a super-majority without a filibuster!

It's now June! Whoa! All of a sudden, time seems to be flying by. Actually feels good. Anyone out there have summer plans? I think that Sissy Kaaren might be moving. Hopefully Sally and her country of Canada will be free from lockdowns soon as well. Let me know in the comments what you want to do with the extended days and cool nights of summer. Maybe you'll inspire someone else!


  1. I wonder if Dee's middle name is Cee.
    I understand that ethe obnoxious ex who won't go away is feeling really disempowered, ever since Dee Cee finally got a chance to vote....

    1. Glad that the "subtle" political statement wasn't lost on the readers. "Making Us (U.S.) Great Again" .. wasn't sure I wanted to go there, but that plus the red hat stated exactly what I was trying to say, so sometimes it does pay to bash people over the head with it! LOL

      And taxation without representation isn't American, so I definitely support Dee Cee in her independence, even though some members of the house are more equal than others .. they are all equal now!

  2. You amaze me how you continually come up with exciting stories!
    Do you know what happened to Knight or Krazy Kay? Miss both of them1
    Any chance you do stories about changing into a cheer leader or stories with a geni?
    Have a great weekend! Zoe

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I am quickly closing in on my 2000th post here on my blog, and I think I'm around 2700 caption panels total since I started.

      I have not heard anything from Knight or Kay in quite some time. I think Knight's blog was pulled down, and Kay probably hasn't posted anything new in almost 3 years or so. Maybe they swing by from time to time and will make themselves known to us again real soon?

      There's quite a few cheerleader captions here on the blog, which you can find by searching out "cheer" or "cheerleader" in the "SEARCH THIS BLOG" spot in the right hand column, underneath the Dee-generate Bloggers section. Same goes for genies, though you might find more if you searched for "Djinn" and "Wishes" that might expand your options.

  3. Dang it, lost my post! Suffice to say:
    1. Thank you Arcadia Berger, I had not got the references so it was great to read them and then re-read the caption to enjoy it some more!
    2. My holiday plans are boring: walks and cycle-paths; growing out hair and shaving off my beard.
    3. 2000 posts!?! I am in awe!