Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Short Girl Standing Next to a Tall Boy!

Made this for a good friend on the Haven, but not quite sure it fits all of her preferences. Come inside ..

.. and enjoy it anyway!

I had Licy Biest in mind when I created this caption. Losing much height is one of her things, and I loved the playful yet naughty implications of it all, but after I was done .. I wasn't quite sure it was necessarily for her, as I wrote it that LICY was doing all the magic, and that it was just totally getting away from her, and was being "scolded" for doing so by her girlfriend.

But not sure if that was all the way what she likes, so I decided to post it here first, and send her the link, and if she did like it, I'll post it to her folder .. which is exactly the OPPOSITE of how I usually debut caption trades on the Haven. But Licy isn't your usual captioner, so why not try something different?

I think the only confusing part might be that it's only ONE person talking .. Licy's girlfriend. The color changes in my captions usually imply different people conversing, but in this case, I wanted to visually show the magical spell taking effect on her while she's talking. Thought that perhaps it'd spell it out more, but please do let me know if it is confusing, or if just the plain white text all the way through works better in your mind. There really isn't a wrong answer to be honest.

Hope people enjoyed their long weekend if you were able to .. not sure about Europeans like Licy and Joanna had a 3 day weekend like we did in the US. Had a wonderful 4 days off, and spend most of it with my girlfriend. She's so understanding of me being recently a widower, and that makes things so much easier on me. Still a pretty new relationship, but I feel so young again, vibrant and vital. Glad you are all along for the journey with me. I'll spare you all the naughty details! LOL

Leave your message below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Remember June is Pride Month!


  1. Well, I think it's clever. And the changing text colour comes across perfectly - I was certaon that it was going to be jarring from your usual style but no, it flows naturally and the phrasing is subtle enough that it carries the reader through the transition. I've not come across Licy before, and this caption suggests that I maybe should look her up (and get back into the Haven, it's been faaaaaar too long).

    As for three-day weekends, yes, we had one in the UK. It's just known as May Bank holiday here (mind you, so is 1 May, the Socialist one, is that the one you guys made Veterans' Day?).

    And I've been playing your track in the background so totally missed the video at first! They look like they're having fun at any rate.


    1. Veteran's Day here in America is on November 11, which I believe is also armistice day, when WWI ended.

      Maybe you should pop back onto the Haven. Hasn't been quite the same since Rachel died, but we are still very friendly folk. Most of Licy's work is all done with 3D rendering, so she can make the models do whatever she wants them to do!

    2. Doh! My knowledge of US holidays sucks. Memorial Day?

      And yes, I heard about Rachel. But yes, hopefully I can get myself motivated again.

  2. Did he mess up, maybe didn't go, really wrong. Not really, he is not back being his normal self. Well as he is now. Is better at lease.

    1. Definitely didn't start out right, but once you start down that rabbit hole, it's hard to get out of it unscathed!