Friday, March 5, 2021

Hunter Finally Gets the Short End of the Stick!

Well, that's what SHE said, amirite? Hello? Is this microphone on? Lessons in editing, coming up!

Made this on over 4 years ago, and it is a good example of how framing your photos properly can make all the difference in the world in presenting captions, or anything else that is graphically designed. Here's what I wrote back when the post was first uploaded back then ..

It is a decent enough story, and I even framed it well, using the thumbs up sign she's giving in the picture to the beginning and ending of the text. Perhaps a bit too wordy, but it needed to be said. Here is where the editing comes into place. I wanted HER to be the focus of the caption, her lack of height and to a lesser extent, the pantyhose she is wearing. Here is how the caption initially looked.

Yeah. It's hard to focus on her where there is a man double her size standing next to her. Plus, If I leave out his face, you are going to imagine your face there instead. You could make an argument that I should have cut out even more of his body so that she's fully framed in the caption, but I still wanted to give some reference point to how short she actually is now, and she's centered in the picture so she is still where your eyes are drawn to in viewing it.

The story behind the picture (and the others I will post below) is that they are basketball players from Gonzaga and apparently she's a news anchor and also a graduate from Gonzaga as well.

Definitely a different feeling in being both a newly changed female, but also REALLY short! I can see why it is a desired transformation fetish. How would you feel if you were in this situation? Would your old friends tease you? How frustrating could it be and/or would it be humiliating as well? Becoming more feminine and shorter than your ex-wife AND daughter might be the ultimate in embarrassing situations, don't you think?

Here's a bonus part that was originally put in the comment section when someone asked how tall the lady is in the picture: As per a news report:

"SPOKANE, Wash. - Our own Claire Graham is having a moment on Tuesday.

Claire is 4 feet 11 (and three-quarters) inches tall, and she loves posing with tall people. Here she is posing with former Los Angeles Laker Robert Sacre. Here she is with Richard Fox, and here she is with Gonzaga player and SWX intern Ryan Edwards. But it's a photo with two stars from the freshly minted Final-Four-bound Gonzaga Bulldogs that's getting the most attention."

The pictures I posted earlier were the ones mentioned in the article. All of the athletes seems to be at least 6'9" or taller.

Please do comment below about the questions I phrased earlier, and I'm still offering an AMA (Ask Me Anything) so submit your questions (SUBMIT to ME!) and I'll try to answer them!

My mom was about the same height as the model in the caption, so why not play a song that she thought was funny in an ironic way, because it was about discrimination, and many people didn't get it at the time. Wonder if people would get it nowadays either?


  1. Glad you re-posted this caption and thoughts. Many years ago I disliked my height, but older now, maybe wiser or not, but I think my height is as an advantage. Flame me I don’t mind.

    1. It's a good thing when we can be comfortable in our own skin, and not beat ourselves up too much when we don't think we measure up.

      Happy to see that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.