Sunday, March 7, 2021

Do Androids Dream of Erotic Sheep?

Sometimes, captions end up turning out much more different than you originally imagined.

Made this for Realfield on the Haven, and I went into the creation of the caption thinking, "sexbot!" story line, which isn't something I often make anyway, so this will be a fresh and fun topic for me to work with .. and perhaps for my readers here as well. Then I got into the actual story line after I place the image into the caption panel and set the background colors and any other preliminary things I needed to work out.

And I saw what looked to be the front door over her left shoulder, so Master had already walked by her all dressed up in sexy lingerie, and she's giving an interesting look, which is what initially intrigued me about the whole pose. Was she having doubts? And if so, who would program that into a sexbot, even if there is an actual person's brain / essence /soul in that body that is helping guide / exist as an autonomous entity in the real world? 

And that made the caption much more interesting to me as I was writing it out. And truthfully told, a much scarier subtext to the whole topic in general. What if the replicants were human, or still are, but in a cybernetic chassis? Did nanobots do all the body conversions to "Candy" and have subroutines that keep her brain in line with her body, but cannot control everything? If she's built for pleasure, is anything that she does that isn't pleasurable to her Master make her sad, or feel other emotions?

It also makes you wonder how culpable IS Master in all this? Did he do this to Candy, or is this was Candy wanted, and he's going along with it all to help/make his friend happy? There is a wide range of pre-suppositions that can get turned on its head as you run this caption through your thoughts once you try to go a bit deeper.

Anyway, I hope it gave you pause and made you ponder it on a few different levels. Please let me know what you think about it, and the background / outcome that you derived from that pondering.


  1. Here's a different twist....

    Candy started as Carl, Mike (Master)'s best friend since they were 8.

    They were very close, but with the onset of puberty, Carl realized he didn't want to be friends with Mike any more... he was in love with him. But Mike was totally straight. Carl opened up, and Mike was gentle, but turned Carl down, it could never be. Carl cried - a lot - but went on being Mike's friend. Anything to keep him in his life. Mike was a good friend and a good man - his rejection of Carl was only as a lover, not a friend.

    Carl was brilliant, though, a specialist in robotics. He developed the sexbot, and though they were very expensive, they were highly in demand. The machines were beautiful (or handsome) companions to the very rich. Carl now rich, with no need to work ever again ... but worked even harder. Friends tried to get him to relax, and he finally agreed. He would take up sailing.

    A year later, he announced he was sailing solo to Hawai'i on his new boat. A smiling Carl bid his friends farewell at the dock, and said he would be back in a month. Three weeks later his sailboat was found at sea, capsized in a storm. The body was never found.

    In the will, his oldest friend Mike was left a sexbot.

    Six months later, Carl's company revealed they had a method to transfer a human brain into an android body. Paraplegics could walk again. Carl's estate funded thousands of transfers.

    But they had the breakthru nearly 10 months ago. Carl insisted on being the test subject. A boat had picked him up two days out of port, and whisked him back. Then his men wrecked the sailboat. Carl's brain was put into Candy. Carl, now Candy, could now be with the man he, now she, loved. And Mike never knew....

    1. That's a very sweet backstory. Much less sinister than my version of events, but it does work very well. Hopefully Candy can tell Mike later about what really happened.

    2. Hey, just because I like to add a twist doesn't mean it always ends up twisted...;)

  2. Hmm, interesting how our own wish fulfilment can creep in to color our take on things. I admit, when I read this through the first time, I was 100% certain Candy-69 was a willing participant, transformed to satisfy her own fetishes, and the only darkness I saw in it was of the "be careful what you wish for" variety. After all, nobody can be sexual 24/7, and you have to wonder how long total submission and compliance can be arousing for an owner.

    But then I read your comments, Dee, and I started to wonder if this was all consensual or whether it was a trap, a revenge plot, or something more sinister. Does her melancholy come from feeling unloved/unwanted, or are those 'other emotions' a lingering reminder of who she used to be before her life was stolen from her . . . and, if that's the case, are those upgrades to erase her old self or earn her eventual autonomy.

    1. Glad I made you think .. which should be normal, unless you ARE a sexbot .. in that case, I possibly just made you self-aware!