Monday, June 15, 2020

Form Fitting .. It's a Cinch!

They don't call them body shapers for nothing, right?

Made this one back on April 21. Hadn't published it until tonight. I am MEGA-sore from the physical therapy today. LOTS of exercises to strengthen my core and then pretzel massaged my back until I probably could have kissed my own ass! Anyone need a posture pal? I could sure use one!

Anyway, just remember that women's garments only HELP you with a female shape. There are definitely other things at play if are wondering why you look so much like a lady!

This is a blog exclusive. Fire comments away like you are still locked in the house!

One of my favorite recordings of the last 20 years. It's a time travel story concept EP / Rock Opera that is 28 or so minutes, and goes through a variety of styles. Ludo was so much more than just "Love Me Dead" and there is so much emotion in this story. I loved the whole thing before, and it does take a certain poignancy since my GF is no longer with me. I think it would make an awesome movie. If you've got a half hour to spare, and a bit of attention, I think it's worth the listen.


  1. Well.....I waited a whole day to see if anyone else would comment on this gem...and now you've already posted another.....and I'll give that one a day too just to see....
    I love these kind of caps....the clueless man is transformed without his consent and it happens in plain sight but he still doesn't see it....
    Transforming and training all while he thinks it's best for him (it probably is) and I'm sure she'll just love him all the more when she's done!!!!

    1. Definitely true. I am fond of these sorts of ideas as well. Love writing compulsion and oblivious captions. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. As someone with an absolute fetish for corsets, I love this one, Dee! Such a quick transition from gentle and mysterious to all out shocking total feminization, and I love that you don't judge or explain or try to wrap it all up in a tidy bow. Did he know about those things? Was he doing them to himself and she just found out? Was she doing it to him and he wasn't aware? So many possibilities!

    1. That is something I didn't know, and hopefully I will remember that tidbit of information in the future!

      Not trying to explain it all is a technique I learned a long time ago, and unless I have a definite finish in mind, I like to keep things vague. That way it's a bit more universal, even if I'm using people's names in it. We all see other's thoughts through our own lenses, and I can't tell you how many times I've been reading TG stories and enjoying them, and then a character does something that will take me RIGHT out of the entire story .. it's like, "HEY! I now know these people, and they would NOT act like that!"

      When I first noticed that, I made a decision to try to not let that happen too much in my captions. Or if I did, give a justification of why they did something out of character.