Saturday, June 13, 2020

Bending Over Backwards for My Wife!

It helps to be very flexible when it comes to your marital relationship.

Everyone knows that the backbone of a healthy marriage is not growing a spine when it comes to your wife! In order to build a strong bond, a solid foundation (garment) needs to be established!

But what do I know? I've never been married! Then again, I've never been turned into a woman before, and yet I'm damn near 2,000 posts with captions that involve that very subject!

Made this for Lacy, and I love the whole Sherlock Holmesian banter that his wife is giving us. It's teasing, and revealing, and also works as foreplay between the two. Is there much more that I can say at this point? Not really, especially since my right hand is REALLY numb right now. Time for me to do some stretching and physical therapy so that I can bend over backwards .. in cute white thigh highs with the bows on them. Not really, but I we can imagine it, until I can find a cute leotard!


  1. I think Ronnie is still dreaming of the strap-on.

  2. Well this is one of the first caps you've posted that I just can't believe....
    Magical benches...okay
    Magical changes.....okay
    But a man who puts on stockings and a garter belt but somehow doesn't slip on the enchanted panties....
    Now you're asking me to believe too much!!!!
    Nice pic though....I might steal it...
    And a Sweet video too....

    1. Heh! Some sluts just don't want to wear panties! Easier access to different bits and bobs.

      Send me an email, and I'll see if I still have the picture. Sometimes I just copy it from where I find it and plop it in the setting.