Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers .. But Whose Crying Now?

What possibly could this title be referring to? And a flashback caption from March of 2014!!

Made this caption, and I had thought about giving it to someone, but there wasn't really a way to introduce either a male or female name without doing some caption story gymnastics .. so I figured it would be a great blog exclusive .. so that everyone can put themselves in the situation if they would like to star it in themselves.

And I'm going to give paraphrase some advice that Joel Hodgson wrote over 30 years ago for the show, "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" (which I will be seeing live in the next week or so!) "If you're wondering how he got the cell phone number of the guy and other fictional facts, repeat to yourself it's just a TG caption, you should really just relax!" It'll just be better if you let it wash all over you!

Since this is a blog exclusive, I'd love for everyone to comment down below, either about the caption, the flashback bit I'll be posting below, or if you have any captioning questions you'd like answered/

And now, Here's the flashback caption that you can find the original post for by clicking  HERE.

Well, it's not so much of a caption, but a slight modification of a song, along with a stunning photo. But why am I posting this today? Well, Kaaren posted a "bench" caption that you can find HERE that deals with the snowy cold that happens deep in the heart of winter, and it stars me! Well, male me, which doesn't happen often on her blog. Usually Dee is doing something Dee-vious, whether being her sex counselor or some sort of dee-viant with her and Sally. And I don't think that Kaaren gets enough credit for her way with words, or how she can tie in a picture with a story, whether true or more fictionalized. I love reading her Saturday Matinee's, and although I am sure she'd probably post them for her own amusement, I just have a feeling it's mostly for my sake at this point since most other visitors probably ignore it, looking for her smuttier works.

And where does this caption also fit in with her current post? Well, in the comment section, Kaaren pretty much introduces herself to me ..  by saying she likes my work and listing links to two of her blogs. From there, we were fast friends. She came along at the right time too, as quite a few of my other TG friends were vanishing from the community. Kaaren has definitely expanded my understanding of certain kinks, fetishes, and lifestyles, and I'm so glad she's still around to answer my many questions and celebrate my sense of humor. Love you Kaaren! You sissy slut! Never change!

I love that most of the guy vocalists don't change the words.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fan mashup of the cartoon voice Idina Menzel and Brendon Urie (Panic at the Disco singer)  to make the ultimate mix duet. Frozen II came out on DVD and Bluray yesterday apparently. I might just stick with this song. It's completely killer!


  1. I made a bench caption too :) since you mentioned it.

    1. Nice to see my plans are slowly spreading across the lands!

  2. Oh Dee you make me blush....and that's really hard to do!!!
    I think I've changed enough for one lifetime thank you....
    I will admit that over time you've become my primary audience at the Matinees and they are generally the least viewed of all my posts....which is funny because they generally take the most effort to write....but you like them and I'm usually pretty proud of them....and most of the time my wife likes them too!!!
    As to this cap I think that caller knew exactly what he was doing....I assume he changed back after dropping the necklace....I'm guessing he knew who was going to pick it up and with a phone call and a little reverse psychology....wham bam he had a new playmate!!!

    1. I can certainly understand the whole "lots of effort, little views" issue as it's the whole reason why I had stopped doing the DIY. Currently I had offered that writing exercise about a week ago, and the only submission I received is from someone who vanished from the web 3 days later. I would say it's nice to have your wife enjoy something you do on here! Does she spank you when you are "good" too? LOL

      Yeah. Not a bad assumption on the story. What I had in my head was the caller had found the necklace, or was 'gifted it somehow' but didn't put it on, and gave it to someone he was dating. It did its magic, and he acquired a harem soon enough. Then he decided to give some random person so they could enjoy it as well, but that recipient was much more stubborn and didn't listen.

    2. My wife spanks me when I need a spanking....and she knows when that is!!!

  3. Funny how one man's fear can be another sissy's fantasy. If I knew what it would do, my only worry would have been somebody stealing it before I could get it on! I mean, seriously, look at her!

    And, it's always important that you accessorize, so a pearl necklace sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

    As for Joel's advice, sometimes those questions are the best part, drawing us deeper into the caption and sort of making it our own. I had the same thought as Kaaren, that the original guy had somehow removed it, and then planted it for somebody else to find. If he wanted to throw it away, he would have. The fact that he oversold the danger and almost dared the other guy to put it on tells me he knew precisely what he was doing . . . even if he didn' tell you. :)

    1. Yes, the pearl necklace aka the slutty protein marker of dominance!

      And for the interpretations, it's why I love not giving out the back stories that much, unless I have a very specific idea to present.

      As you read up above, I hadn't thought of the phone call guy being a former recipient at all .. but as the beneficiary of the necklace's magic used on other men and women. Never mind somehow erasing the magic that had been done to him, as many here have said, "why would he want to go back to being a guy?" That backstory wasn't necessary to what I actually wrote down, and it still isn't, so what others like you and Kaaren are seeing is very valid, and enjoyable for me to hear!

  4. Fun cap,
    I think there are some liberties we have with a story if there is no need for names. Sometimes it makes the story flow better.

    I read the story like you intended, but I can see how Kaaren's and Sally's view fit into it. I think how we read this story can tell something about how and where we stand in this community.

    1. I agree. The flow is most important, and you can't keep putting in asides to give information that is superfluous.

      I think you might have hit it on the head about how we read this particular story shows where our views stand pretty well.

  5. I sent "Kaaren" off to allow me a moment to comment directly on your recent post.
    I have been stopping by your blog on occasion, since my husband made me aware of it and I have to complement you on how clever it is.
    It usually avoids the smut that seems to fill my husbands head. You show great creativity and I like the format you have chosen to use.
    However none of that is the reason I have chosen to comment here.
    Your kind words about "Kaaren" really made her happy!
    I have personally caught her reading the post several times.
    So I'd just like to thank you for being so nice to my husband.
    Just so you know there's a woman that really enjoys your work.
    I'm very sorry I can't identify myself, but I can't.
    Call me,
    Mrs. K.

    1. OMG, this has to be the pinnacle of praise. We all have such admiration and respect for you, Mrs. K, only knowing you through Kaaren as we do, but to hear from you directly . . . I suspect Dee is going to be dancing through the weekend.

      I know I would be. Thank you, Mrs. K, for brightening all of our lives and for allowing Kaaren to play with us.

    2. @ Mrs. K

      Well, first off, thank you for the extremely kind words, especially the "clever" part. That my work can be, and has been, shared and enjoyed by a spouse of a friend is quite encouraging to me. Most people in this community at large are isolated and fearful of their true selves being discovered. Seeing a positive and loving relationship between you two is inspiring to say the least, and I'm glad that we've been allowed to get glimpses of the everyday lives you two have built together. And it has definitely expanded my outlook on many aspects of sexuality I hadn't been exposed to before.

      And I'm glad that I made her so jovial. I also meant every word I said, and tried to do so without gushing .. I mean, we don't want to give Kaaren a big head, do we? I am sure that many of the things you love, just shine through in the way Kaaren presents herself. Yeah, there's the smut, but there is so much playful humor, loyalty, and a personality that comes across as completely genuine. And that package is SO in love with you, which spills over to almost every post I've even seen Kaaren make.

      And lastly, the fact that you chose to thank me, says so much that Kaaren's affection towards you is utterly reciprocal. I understand the confidentiality, as so many others I know in this community are considered 'pillars' of society that wish to remain discrete. I'm honored that you took time out of your busy life to say some kind words to me. It means the world to me. And for the next time you spank your hubby, give an extra three for me, since I can't be there personally to deliver them myself!

      @ Sally

      I won't be dancing, but I'm not sure if I am going to (1) climb the steps on the local library humming the theme to Rocky, or (2) strut down the city streets like John Travolta did in Saturday Night Fever. Then I'll try to wash away the memories of the Stallone / Travolta team up for "Staying Alive"!