Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let the Storm Rage On ...

The cold never bothered me anyway!

Who doesn't want to be a princess .. yes, even Dee wishes to be a Disney princess, but definitely on her terms! BTW, this is the second time I've made this caption tonight! I had the picture all placed in a setting when photoshop crashed big time .. and I had already closed the window where the photo was taken from! AARRGGHH! It took me another 45 minutes to find the damn picture, because trust me, there aren't many ice queens dressed in a black gown. Then, I saved the photo so I wouldn't lose it again .. and I wanted to actually give credit to the model because she's very alluring .. and Firefox crashed on me too! Double AARRGGHH!! Well, I finally got it all together and here it is!

Perhaps those "Disney is trying to indoctrinate children to be gay." people are possibly on to something, though I seriously doubt it. The lyrics above, and honestly I only changed one line slightly, are quite positive in regards to, "live your own life on your own terms, don't be afraid to let the true you show through." Hopefully many teens seeing this, or younger kids that later grow up, will remember the message and not cause themselves much grief in denying their true desires. I hope there are a bunch of little boys dressing up like Elsa for Halloween. Each of them will get an extra piece of candy from me and a knowing wink!

So anyway, here's the big hit song that is quite Meatloavian sounding to me, which is probably why I like it .. perhaps 30 years ago it would've been song by Bonnie Tyler. And no, I'm not going for the Demi Lovato version. I may now be a princess, but I'm definitely not a teenage girl! I much prefer the Adele Dazeem rendition!

 And since we always like to have fun, here's the HONEST TRAILER for Frozen!


  1. I must be the only one in the world who hasn't seen Frozrn yet!

    Hi Dee,I love your blog and have you linked on both of mine, I'd love it if you could link my blogs too, check them out at:

    1. I too haven't seen Frozen Karen. I kind of miss having young children around as I've lost my excuse to see these movies. Although I have to admit, I WILL see the recently announced "Incredibles" sequel.

    2. I'll take a gander when I can. This month has been a bit brutal for me and I've not been following the people I do list as much as I'd like. I promise I'll drop in within the next week or so!

  2. Gothically cute cap Dee!

    That's one thing that Disney movies have always done well. Tell a story that captures children's attention while also teaching them a moral. Simple things that often get overlooked in parenting 101... be true to yourself, love and respect others, falling down doesn't mean losing, and other important things.

    1. The odd thing is, they DO tend to do that in their movies, but their "sitcoms" on the Disney Channel seem to be more Hannah Montana and That's SO Raven (Who apparently just came out about a year ago!) than Frozen. I do give huge props to Phineas and Ferb though. LOVE that show!

  3. great cap, was wondering when frozen would make its way into a cap
    Personally I'm a Anna fan

    lets see, I have seen frozen 30 times in the theater alone, I have owned the iTunes copy since feb 25th and even went to see it at the theater again on mar 17th at 10 pm and when to buy the dvd&blu-ray combo pack at midnight after
    Nope I'm not Obsessed with the movie, not at all

    1. I'm glad that you aren't so obsessed with the movie that you weren't able to post a comment!

      When I first saw it, especially this song, I wondered if she was turning into a real villain. It would've been one hell of a villainous reveal, and you don't often see sympathy for a antagonist portrayed well, especially in cartoons where they really try to portray heroes are noble and villains as pure evil. I do think that kids can read the differing shades way better than the animation studios can.

  4. Sooo Sweet. I haven't seen Frozen either. It only plays dubbed in Dutch in the cinema's near me.
    It is rare to see a well dubbed movie in Dutch.

    I would love to be a princess. Hmmm, maybe Disney isn't trying to indoctrinate children to be gay, but girls to become princesses. That leaves the question, do we want to become princesses because of the girl lurking inside us, or did that girl appear because we want to become princesses?

  5. Well I did see Frozen tonight and it is cute.
    I loved the dress that she. "wore" after she sang this song
    ..(when she let her hair down)

    And yes I would love to be a princess..
    Bell from beautify and the beast

  6. Helena and Rhonda .. who wouldn't want to be pampered and what not? Many women have overbearing daddies and jerks wanting to have them anyway, so why not have a kingdom and tons of riches to go along with it?!?