Monday, February 24, 2020

She Had to Click On .. The Missing Link!

Oh my! I had to get super silly for this one. And anyone know what happened to Chelle?

You have to read the caption first, or it'll be a complete spoiler problem for you! This caption is fresh as hell, as it's probably about 90 minutes from creation to posting here on the blog.

So, I had this picture saved for a few weeks now. I didn't modify it at all, other than enlarging it a bit, which helped what I was trying to get out of it even more.

As soon as I saw it, I thought to myself, "TG BIGFOOT!" Just the heels, and the way she walked, and also the composition of the photo, all washed out, and near the water. It even had a filter applied with the old school oval shadow. I just KNEW I could do something unique with it, and didn't dare change anything .. on a regular caption design, I would probably have cropped it a bit to bring her much more into focus for the story .. which is something that would have messed up the entire vibe I was going for with the plot. It's entirely perfect!

For those that don't know, cryptozoology is the study of folklore creatures that probably don't exist. There's a museum for them in New Hampshire, because, of course there is! They have exhibits on chupacabra, yeti, jersey devils, Loch Ness Monster, etc .. I figure that my explanation works just as well as any other as to why we haven't found any yet. They just blend in with us much better now!

It's a blog exclusive, so feel free to talk about it and groan about the ludicrous nature of the caption, or bask in the Playin Petra like feel to the story.


I am hoping that Chelle is doing OK. She deleted her blog the other day, along with her email address. Wonder if it is one of those "binge and purge" cycles that many of us go through. That or she is fearful she's opened herself up too much online? You are always welcome here sweetie, and I do hope that are safe. Feel free to email me. The one I sent you today bounced back due to the deletion.

Oddly enough, Elise from the Haven has just reappeared after a 5 year or so hiatus. So at least I have a pantyhose lover coming back into my life, while unfortunately losing another. Maybe there is hope that Katie Mills comes back someday soon? We can always dream, can't we?

Clutch is/was such an underrated band. Never got the due they deserve. Very passionate fans though!


  1. Oh, no! Chelle is gone? :O *sniffles* That makes me feel really sad, and I can only hope (as you do) that Chelle will be alright, no matter where life takes her. I'll never quite get used to seeing bright new blogs appear and then vanish like the wind; but such must be the condition to which one must unfortunately get accustomed. :"(

    Please give Chelle a hug from me if you ever do manage to reach her. I wish her happiness, and if not that, then acceptance.

    Cool cap! I like the Bigfoot details and agree wholeheartedly with your creative interpretation of the photo: look, strong chin, posture, strong upper thigh (straining her skirt), big blocky heels, and retro-claw wrist action with the hands...ya found him, I mean her! :D Ironic in the sense of being named "Nessie" and shopping on _Amazon_ (is the female warrior clan ref or the rainforest jungle ref stronger? ;). By all rights those cryptozoologists, if they saw this finding, should curb the urge to immediately go back to Loch Ness with sonar pinging: "Sasky! Sasquatchy! Saskeee!!" Because the long-necked ol' girl might just climb out of the deep water, become a bull-necked guy, and shop at Burlington to escape the paparazzi. ^^

    Dee, did you notice perhaps the unique color coding scheme of the image? Red, green, blue, white, the four colors of the four factional teams of chariot racing in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, and all framed by the old-school oval shadow that's like a Colosseum race track? Which suggests an inkling of the ancient timeline involved in turning Sasquatch from a rare female Roman racer into a hairy big-footed "wild man," and ultimately into a blonde girl strutting on the marsh in her the old four colors and seeking to "reveal" herself at last. Poor Bigfoot. She's comin' out at last, and the folks aren't ready for her! ^_^

    1. I did not notice the color scheme. Then again, I thought she was a female Bigfoot, so I can't say that I'm a reliable source!

      My guess was that she was afraid of discovery or the "binge and purge" I mentioned above. She'd only just started up that blog, and captioning, in the last few weeks, and some of that was us prodding her to make them I think. Hopefully she will reach out to me no matter what. My main concern is just her safety, and that she's doing ok.

  2. Damn. I always worry so when I see another blogger disappear, especially from our little community. A purging or second thoughts about exposure or even fear about being outed I can totally understand. If she did what she had to do to feel comfortable, then I totally understand that and wish her all the best. Hopefully she finds her way back, even if it's in some anonymous fashion, and that she's OK.

    This caption was cute. I didn't see the Bigfoot resemblance myself in her, but I definitely saw it in the background, the colors, and the focus. I think you did a fun job of bringing that to life, and the Nessie comment put it over the top. Of course, my imagination never stops where the caption ends, and I'm suddenly thinking of a Netflix reboot of Harry and the Hendersons, only in this version Harry is a 7-foot-tall transgender Amazon who dominates the parents. LOL

    1. Yeah, I think that is probably the case. Maybe we'll see her again someday, with a new account, or whatever. My main concern is that she is doing OK.

      Harry would definitely have to spend most of her time at the Laser Hair Removal Spa in our scenario, right? And I don't expect many people to think like I do .. sort of worries me if there are more than one of me out there!

  3. Hilarious cap. love the name.
    I can't even begin imagine the size of heels a bigfoot needs.

    I hope our diomond in the rough, Chelle, is all right, and wish her all the best.

    1. I've seen some pretty big drag queen heels. And the last few years, the platforms seemingly are getting higher and higher. My Rocky Horror heels were big at the time, 5 inch clunky heel with the one inch platform .. but they ain't shit compared to what women are wearing now!