Thursday, February 6, 2020

Don't Go In The Shower! Cue Up the Violins!

Will you scream louder than Janet Leigh when the reveal happens?

Found the picture the other day while looking for source pictures and came across this one .. which grabbed me right away and told me the plot pretty much straight out. I knew it would be for Wendy, as she likes to be chubby and in her 30's and I think the model is in that range. I just needed a few minutes to figure out how to write it without just deliberately narrating a story matter-of-fact like.

Then it hit me, obviously Wendy had run home to get clean as soon as she could, and ignored the phone message. Honestly, I leave my cell phone next to my keys at the door, and I only use it when I'm out of the house. We have a "house phone" because .. reasons. And we never actually answer the phone, unless we see a name in Caller ID that we actually want to talk to said person at that time. And I don't check texts on my cell phone while I'm home either. Pretty much Facebook messenger works when I'm on the computer, which is usually the case!

So, when do I use my cell phone? Mostly when travelling to and from work. I try to keep from being bored, so I'll call friends and chat hands-free if anyone is available. Or if I'm texting the GF when we are in a store and I can't find her, or if I need to order something to eat and I'm on my way to pick it up, I'll use the appropriate app to get what I want.

This makes the caption almost dead on to me, though I do have a good cell phone. I just have a MUCH better computer with a 4k 40 inch monitor and a kick-ass internet connection. No need to use my phone much at all. I can totally appreciate this caption as something that COULD happen to me, if there was an actual chemical in my vicinity at work that could do this. Most likely I'd just get burned badly if something drenched me at my job.

Also, our phone message sounds an awful lot like the one in this caption. Try to make it boring so I don't give out any personal information .. I only included John because it's a caption for Wendy. We don't give out any names, just in case marketers are trying to mine the messages for information.

So, feel free to comment on this caption AND if you've not received a "bench" caption from me, please say so in the comments and leave your male and female name (though I am not sure you'll need the female name yet" and you just MIGHT star in an upcoming bench caption in the next few weeks! What more enticement do you need to comment? Hell, perhaps if you don't qualify for the bench caption, I'll make you something else instead!


  1. Hi you I have a a nice shiny new cell wife's company upgrades hers and mine gets upgraded's a nice little bonus....
    But I hardly ever use it....I will glance at it from time to time but I only keep the ringer on when she's not home.....many times I'll pick it up and find it dead as a door nail...because I forgot to charge it for days and days....
    As for the cap...
    If I was in Johns position I'd have never got the message....but even if I did I'm not sure that would have stopped me from jumping into the shower....just think....after settling that lawsuit you'd not only be a'd be a pretty damned rich woman!!!
    I liked it....and I like it when a pic tells you it's story as soon as you see it!!!

    1. You have the best wife ever! Honestly! She totally rocks.

      And I'm pretty lucky in that many of my captions come from just looking at the photo and having it tell me a story that I find interesting. Most of the time it works on other people too.

      At some point I'm going to have to subscribe to your funny sissy blog. I chopped a few off the list last week and so I've got a few slots open now. That's what SHE said!

  2. Great premise! The idea of getting a message "too late" is cute, and it will not hurt John and Damien's friendship, methinks. John can just enjoy his (now her) hot shower blissfully unaware, and Damien can be all worried, so maybe Damien will drive all the way to pound on his door, only to find a female John with wet hair and nothing but a body towel, listening to the late message. I don't think they would argue, however; perhaps with all those emotions running high, they would talk, cry, wryly smile and laugh together, and maybe----

    I used to have a land-line phone but finally was forced to disconnect it because the phone company kept raising its rates to disgusting levels. Mobile phones are great when on the road or in emergency, but that's basically the only time I ever check them, for making/answering an important phone call that can't wait. Other than that, life is so much more peaceful without constant smartphone checking. Watching the snow billowing down, or hearing the birds, or singing a song, or basking in sunshine, I forget all about my phone. Who could blame John for blissfully running a steaming shower and letting the new 'girls' hang loose? ^_^

    1. The main reason we have a "landline" is that, as part of the cable package, it's like only 5 bucks less to get rid of that phone AND since I have had that number for almost 25 years (!) it's almost like a way to have non-important people leave messages on it. I honestly do NOT like getting phone calls except for like people, and having the cable line phone gives us much more privacy, so we don't have to give out our cell #'s.

      The GF and I also have tablets so we can do all our reading and light gaming on that, with no need to have the phones in our hand all the time.

      Very good idea or what happened. My only thought is that I'm not sure how "Accidental" the spilling of the chemicals were. From the looks of the shower scene, I don't think she'll put up a lawsuit anyway!

  3. OK, so I know the message and the shower are supposed to coincide, and the uh-oh twist moment is that he's already gotten wet, but I look at that smile of erotic contentment . . . and I can't help but wonder if he heard the message and took the shower anyway . . . if maybe he was planning to sleep it off and only decided to have the shower because of the message.

    We don't have a house phone (I refuse to pay for yet another phone when everybody has their own cell) and mine goes everywhere with me. I tend to keep up on email and social media while watching TV or standing in the kitchen waiting for supper to cook. That said, I don't answer numbers I don't know, and I'm pretty quick to block numbers that seem to be spam, so I could totally miss something important like this.

    Hmm, there's my excuse, should I ever be so lucky as to suffer a similar mishap. "Sorry, babe, I totally ignored the warning call, thinking it was spam, and . . . well, THIS happened. Not my fault, I swear." :P

    1. I tried not to overwrite the caption, since I HATE people that leave long ass messages on the answering machine, or in voice mail. You are correct that John was already in the shower when Damien called. As I was writing it, my thoughts were in the "he was trying to get the chemicals off, but it was not only sealing in the changes, but with the application of water, accelerating them, giving him more pleasure, keeping him in the water longer, giving him more pleasure .. literally rinse and repeat! He had to know what was going on, but it was overriding his apprehension.

      And as I mentioned above, I'm not sure if it was completely innocent what happened to John at work. I am almost wondering if Damien held off calling until he knew that John was already in the shower .. that or the lawyers kept Damien from calling long enough for the effects to take place.

      And THIS is why I don't always tell the whole story behind the caption right away. I get to hear other people's theories as to what happened or what is going to happen .. and they are so interesting to see how people interpret what I've written!

  4. Lovely cap.
    Knowing Wendy, if she got the message, she would hurry to the shower even faster just to make sure the changes stay permanent.
    And so would I in that situation.

    1. I had a good feeling that most of the people here would decide to exercise some good hygiene by taking a long, hot shower! Or maybe a bubble bath?

  5. HA! Fun cap Dee! I actually went back to read the cap to see why I thought this, but I read this as a message that John saw come in but ignored because he was all ‘icky’ and wanted to get clean. Talk about a ‘DOH’ moment.

    I remember back when having a landline was awesome. When my brothers and I got the second line at the house we felt like Kings! Now a days I often look at the internet device (cell phone) that I carry around and remember that I can use it for voice telecommunication as well as texting and facebook and searching the internet. Seriously, if it wasn’t for people at work calling me, I’d probably never answer any phone.

    1. Many people thought that too, though probably because of what sort of blog this is. I mean, why would most people come here otherwise? Maybe 10 percent of the captions I make contain nudity, so it's not like the pornographic element is bringing people here .. and even then, there is usually a comedic theme running through the actual plot. Also, it's hard to portray "simultaneous" in caption format, unless you run the text parallel, and this actually isn't quite that since ALL the text is happening while the shower is too.

      When I was living at home, my dad had his own business, so we had a regular line, THEN at some point, before caller ID of course, we got a 2nd line, but it was only a "hotline" where Mom and Dad, myself, and my grandparents knew that number. If we got a call on it, we ALWAYS answered it without question. Anything going to the business line was screened before answering.

  6. Dear Dee, with regards to the "bench caption" that you mentioned, pardon my being a newbie, but I don't know what that means. (Sounds racy, though. ;) If I might offer my particulars, male name: David; female name: Karen; race: Asian; likes: mystery transformations of all sorts and cultural/racial adjustments that question identity. Thanks for considering it! ^^ Be well.

    1. In the "Dee-tails and Entrails" section on the right hand side, those are all the tags that I use so if people wish to search for all the captions that are "Asian" they can click on it and it's curated for them. There is a "bench" one that you can search out.

      It's a TG universe I started a few years ago. Pretty much, revolves around someone sitting on a bench, and changing into a woman. I've also included a few captions in the tag where some lady is sitting on a bench as well. You can't believe how many pictures of women on benches there are! I didn't realize either until I started making captions of them.

      I'll keep your preferences in mind and can certainly work with them.