Friday, February 7, 2020

She is Gritting 'Her' Teeth .. Bitchily!

I wonder if it's a good thing or not to be changed into a girl ALONG with all your friends!

Yeah, there is that weird dynamic that isn't quite as prevalent with men, unless you're in a gym, or in high school. Then again, I'm not really that much out and about anymore, so perhaps there's a thing that I am missing in bars, hunting lodges, barber shops and any other places like that. Well, and Cheeto Mussolini has really brought it into politics over the last few years.

But, I think it's almost bred into women that while there is a sisterhood, cutting women down is much more vicious blood sport. Perhaps this will change as women get more power in the workplace, and other places too, but I wonder if it has to do with fighting over what control they have. Unless I'm really trying, I don't see power dynamics in much of anything I do or am involved in. I could be oblivious, or at this point in my life I don't care, but it has to be glaring for me to see the posturing.

But I do hear about it, often, from the women around me. "That was a power move, or that was a complete bitch (or dick) move," depending on who was doing it. "Just look at the way she's ..." then fill in the blank. Most often, it's by words. And that is what I was going for here.

I love that there is probably a compulsion aspect to this, as I implied it towards the end. The fact it probably took a life of its own, is just icing (or cum, as the caption might explain) on the cupcakes. The fact that there are all there, as a group of friends all smiling for the camera, but yet cutting each other down with there freshly done nails, makes me smile! And of course, the ending where all of the sniping goes outside the group too, and perhaps back unto the creators of these harpies.

And I don't know what the bet is, nor why they are supposedly "upstaging the bitchy classmates" .. I sense it's some sort of ploy by the sisters to make them this way by any sort of excuse they can. What's their endgame? I don't know .. maybe you do?!? Tell me down below in the comments.

Soooo, no one seems to want to star in a bench caption that hasn't done so yet? Sheesh! I'm sure there would be people on the Haven that wouldn't mind! I also expected a few more comments on the bimbo caption from the other day. Then again, it was pretty straight forward perhaps, and it's had the most views of any page I've created since the new year started. Leave male and female name if you've not been in a bench caption before .. and leave them anyway as I have a few blog type exclusives coming up that you could be the main subject of it all!


  1. Fun cap! I see these complaints about ‘power moves’ or ‘bitch moves’ or whatever working around so many women and it was a real eye opener. At first I thought it was just someone complaining about what she saw another person doing. Only later did I see it as an attempt to influence me to think of the other person as a bitch or at least as bitchy. It only takes a few months for the women at work to get to know me well enough that I rarely let others influence how I think of anybody, but maybe that’s a masculine trait.

    1. Oh yeah. It's why I used to laugh when people say that women would do a much better (ethical) job of running the world. Not that they can't, I would certainly agree that they would be better qualified .. but to think they wouldn't do every evil thing a man does, and then some, is beyond rational thought.

      Then again, the way that the group of world leaders were gossiping about Trump a few months ago at that world meeting, made me think that, as Bowling for Soup would sing, "High School Never Ends!"

  2. Pick me, Ms Dee! Pick me! I'm always up for a caption. :)

    I do love the openness, honesty, and camaraderie among girls. It's just a whole different culture and mindset, and I love that the boys have fallen into it so easily. I do wonder what else was in that spell, but at the end of the day, who can argue with results? :)

    1. Awww, Sally. You already are always on my mind! Might have something coming your way in the next week or so, especially if you don't mind cuckolding and (GASP!) being Blonde!

      What you've said I think made me realize that it's a total double edged sword. Women tend to be open and honest and get really close sharing feelings .. and so they know exactly the weaknesses to exploit when shit goes down, and have little mercy in baring those claws and fangs when provoked. Guys tend to build all sorts of walls around them, to keep from being vulnerable, so their fights are much more superficial (meaning on the surface) and territorial. Definitely no shits given with women, and they'll often burn down their own house if it takes out the friend's dwelling next door.

      This ended up being a very interesting topic. Hope we get replies and other people contributing to the discussion.

  3. Love it! Keep up the great work Dee <3!!

  4. Oh gawd. ^^ This caption opens up a new can of worms, because while women probably *should* rule, sadly the bitch factor seems to kick in all too often, in a variety of settings. Jealousy, infighting, undermining, ripping on each other, snide remarks, lies, manipulation (much directed at men, but sometimes women too), gossip, and bitchin'-whispers....

    I'm surprised to see how quickly the guys-turned-girls converted to this social reality! Is it hormones? Or some sort of biological survival instinct that makes people compete for bragging rights? See, men might fight it out mostly over superficial things, but it's raw and physical and out in the open, where actually rivals can win respect for each other by slugging it out. (Think of fighters who help their opponent stand up after knocking them silly.) See, a punch or kick or arm-bar (I'm a martial artist) is not subtle. But words and sharing confessions and hugs? Oh, there is a mystery realm indeed that is guarded by the (superior) female sex. ;)

    I think you are correct, Dee, about the double-edged mentality. Open and honest with one-on-one relationships, but then able to deliver killer strokes against someone's vulnerable spots because of that seemingly genuine heart-to-heart stuff. It can be frightening! O.o

    p.s.. I'm not quite sure what a "bench caption" is, but I would sign up, if I could! :D

    1. I replied to your last question about the bench. Check it out in the shower caption.

      Definitely agree about the differences. I remember in high school, how fights were fought. Guys would square up, throw some punches or wrestle. One would end up on top or knock the guy down .. then they'd help the other one up, and they'd walk down to the principals office for detentions. Girl fights were jumping another from behind, hair pulling, scratching, biting, clothes ripping, etc .. and it'd go on even after teachers had pulled them apart and dragged them to the office! Of course, we always wanted to see the girl fights!

      Respect (and stepping up) is definitely more of a guy thing with a fight. I fought a black belt in high school and ended up becoming friends with him. Most people backed down from him. I being smart, looked to make sure a teacher was near, then went right at him with an WWE Edge "spear" before he could get into a stance, and used my wrestling skills to mostly roll around on the ground before the teacher pulled us apart. 1 hour of detention for each of us, and the rest of the students thought I was insane for even trying, but my reputation was made.

  5. I have watched this, in real time, when my wife and her friends get together for drinks or a meal at our place....maybe they just forget I'm there or they forget I'm not really one of the girls but I've seen them all go into full bitch mode as soon as one of them leaves!!!!
    Yes women are more intimate with each other than men, but when the time comes they are also way nastier than most men....they know how to hurt each other....kind of like if your buddies all took turns fucking your wife and then told you about detail....but wait....afterwards you think how hot that would be...
    Oops...sorry got off on a tangent there....
    Anyway....I learned when I was young that there was nothing worse than a group of girls who decided you were their target for the day!!!
    And just because those girls are boys it would probably be worse....
    Love the pic and it's the perfect cap for it!!!!

    1. Do you let out your inner bitch too when they are around too? They all know that you could probably treat their husbands in bed better than they do!

      And I wonder how much of the bullying in school is driven by some women egging on a guy to "be a man" and target someone she doesn't like for some petty reason.