Sunday, June 30, 2019

Payback's a Bitch! .. and So Is the Devil!

I really like the cut of your jib! What's a jib? Promote that man!

So, guess where the tag line reference came from, almost 25 years ago. Yes, of course it was the Simpson's. It's ALWAYS the Simpson's! Even when it's not, it all comes back to the Simpson's. How cromulent of you to think otherwise?

Made this for Sally Bend, a person who seems to be awake 24 hours a day! I mean, she makes TG captions, writes books of erotica, reads and reviews a metric shit-tonne of the same sort on her blog, and still finds time to comment here and at other blog spots! How ELSE could she be so involved in our universe without a little help from satanic individuals? Just because Canada is north of here doesn't mean she's any closer to heaven than the rest of us, right?

Nah, Sally is a sweetie. A very naughty sweetie, but a sweetie nonetheless. It's why she stars in the caption at all. Seems like an unlikely protagonist for this, and its' why I did it. You know those sweet ones are secretly the nastiest sluts! And we get to imagine a second transformation, from what she is currently, to a washed up porn star! We get to imagine two TF's for the price of one!

Well, who cares if a writer sells their soul? So I made Sally more of a celebrity in keeping with the whole Faustian bargain. Maybe a fringe celebrity, but one with enough earning power to make a tragic backtrack of fames something people are going to want to see, and possibly relish in it.

Hope she enjoys it, and that everyone else likes it too!

Heard this song the other day on Sirius XM and figured it'd be a good fit with this caption!

Also, check out the caption for Saturday night too! It's pretty special if you haven't seen it!


  1. I wonder about Sally too!!! She seems to be everywhere all the time!!!
    I don't sleep much....I'm usually good with about 4 or 5 hours at the most but Sally....damn she fits two days into every 24 hours!!!!
    I always like the Faust thing....but I'm the one who's always looking for a loophole....and maybe the humiliation of falling from stardom to porn could be fun!!!
    Thanks Dee....I'm surprised Sally didn't beat me here to comment first!!!
    A fun cap...

    1. I need lots of sleep! Could never do a sissy job, as I don't like to think that 3 to 7 AM even exists! Bad enough when I have to get up to pee during those hours of the morning!

      I think she might have been out enjoying Canada Day in between reading a few novels!

  2. OMG, you totally made my day - and so sorry I missed this earlier in the week. Stupid holidays. LOL

    I love this, and you probably won't be surprised to know I am totally okay with the Devil's price. It was so hard to behave myself and pretend to be a good girl for all those years while he watched, knowing he'd come to collect payment, but I had to make him believe I was all pure and innocent. I knew he'd try to ruin whatever I had, force me in the opposite direction as his Faustian twist, and if he knew how kinky and naughty I wanted to be . . . well, it probably would have been a nun's habit he'd stuck me with instead of porn star lips!

    The good news is, once my career takes off, you and Kaaren will always get the friends-and-family discount. ;)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I didn't post it to the haven because I'm not sure we ever gave you a trading folder!

  3. Great caption, I would really love to see how this all started, like a prequel haha