Saturday, April 6, 2019

There's a Party .. On the Dance Floor!

And everyone is invited. Come as you are .. because you won't leave the same way anyhow!

Ahh, I am much better now. I think the wizard gave me a 31 1/2 hour bimbo virus as opposed to anything more permanent! Still have the long pink fingernails right now, but those should be gone soon too! Don't know how the hell my mom used to type 90+ words a minute with inch long nails!

Made this about a week ago. as I found this photo around the time I made the "Our Own Little Peyton Place" caption. Thought the set-up was interesting, and for some reason, I went with a company trying to explain a rash number of body swaps .. and I've been reading about so many apps causing security issues, thought I could work that into the storyline.

Everything seems to be connected to the Internet today, and that is dangerous. Even things that aren't, now can be, due to WeMo plugs, Amazon Home, etc ... I loved the idea that a portable dance floor could have USB ports, or an SD card that could be hacked. Certainly not your typical TG caption idea and rogue DJ's hyping up the crowd with changes to get them dancing made me smile, since at one point I was a Disc Jockey.

So, this was the result. Something to post on a Saturday when things might be a bit slower. A deep cut if you will, since it wasn't made for anyone in particular and a bit more vague than specifically targeted to someone's TG whims.

As a blog exclusive would be, comments would be good (or is it well?) Tell me where and how this dance floor would have affected you (effected?) and the sort of chaos it could have brung (brought?) to those around you. Damn, this bimbo virus is a hard one to shake! Tee hee!


  1. It's so funny that I just saw a baseball cap with "lasers" inside to make your hair grow on TV....
    I worry sometimes about the internet of things, doorbells, refrigerators lights, and so many other things....
    I don't like the idea of "smart" things all around me....
    Unless of course they're all conspiring to get me laid.....then that's OK...
    Just worry sometimes about "skynet" becoming self aware!!!!
    A terminator turning up at my door shouting, "Come with me if you want to live!" is very likely to get me shouting the same thing right back as I drop to my knees!!!!
    Anyway....I liked this struck me in a kind of left handed way....but I liked it!!!!

    1. Yeah, depending on what TV stations you watch, they'll be commercials telling you about lawsuits dealing with Mesothelia asbestor exposure and such, so I'm sure that had a bit of influence on this caption. Including "house-hold pets"
      was another knee-slapper I just had to include.

      Glad you enjoyed it in a left-handed way. That's my jerkin' hand!
      My main goal was to see if anyone would get a chuckle out of a LED disco dance floor being used at a funeral!

  2. Fun cap. I like the idea of such a portable dance floor as well.
    If it can be hacked, there is much more mischief that can be accomplished than just body swapping. Any type of transformation would be possible. And the dance floors probably come in different designs as well.
    So you could make a series out of it if you want, or just keep this in mind as a back up idea, but I'm sure there are many Havenettes and readers of your blog who would love to be on a dancefloor.

    1. Hadn't really thought about it too much, but it could have legs .. ha! get it! Fine, Dad Jokes have to come out somewhere!

      I'm sure that the apps were harmless when they first came out, but were changed by rogue DJ's. I mean, a program that could make people learn a line dance would be hailed as an technological breakthrough! Even just making white people dance without embarrassment would earn them riches beyond belief!