Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Leveling the Hockey Field The Only Way Dee Knows How!

Hockey field .. field hockey? Get it! Arrgghh! Fine! It's cheesy but it works!

No pleasing some straw men and straw women, eh?

I was watching game 7 of the Bruins / Maple Leafs and worked up a caption idea in my head and fleshed it out once the final horn sounded. Couldn't really find a great field hockey picture that had the girl playing in what I consider to be a typical field hockey uniform.

Well, perhaps because they don't wear them like they used to back when I was in High School .. so I went in a bit of a different direction and I think it worked out better, as I get to have Kevin actually attend school in a skirt as an even bigger punishment that just having him run around for the girl's team. One of those times where I took a negative and worked it out into a big positive. Sometimes adversity can make you work harder and the final result better.

After cramming in the text into the setting, I pondered deleting the first two paragraphs, but if I did, I wondered if people would get that Kevin was now suiting up for the field hockey team. There really wasn't anything particularly linking that team to ice hockey until the middle of the story. Would people pick up on the subtleness of the skirt Chloe was wearing enough to make the connection?

Let me know what you think, either way. The text would breathe more, but is there enough setup for you to understand what was going on without it? As it was, trying to explain Dee's plan went a bit too long for me. I think results may vary on your part. I'll definitely take some honest opinions. I am wondering if a second panel might have fleshed it out better. What sayeth you, the readers?!?

Bruins win game 7! Sorry Toronto fans. Maybe next year?!?


  1. OMG Dee, I loved watching the girls play Field Hockey in high School....all those cute little plaid skirts.....I remember them so well!!!!
    Sure they wore gym shorts underneath but that didn't stop my fetish addled mind from changing cotton gym shorts into silky little panties!!!!
    I own several cute little plaid skirts now and wouldn't an all male Field Hockey team be fun for the wives to see as we run about with our skirts flying up and showing our cute undies!!!!!
    Thanks for stirring the memories for me Dee and I loved the cap!!!!

    1. I was pretty sure they wore panties underneath. Hmmm, maybe a few wore shorts. They were most granny type panties, but panties nonetheless!

      Glad I got the memories running around your head sweetie!

  2. I think it works just fine as it is. The reveal of what he'd done and what your plan for him is . . . well, it's just about perfect. It's nicely detailed, and it really shifts our emotions from sympathizing with him to taking gleeful pride in his feminization.

    Now, having said that, a second panel could be a lot of fun. There are so many hockey puns and double-ententes you could work in there. Big sticks, poke check, penalty box, roughing, scoring, etc.

    Of course, you left the most important detail out of your post. You were cheering on the Bruins, right? ;)

    1. I figured that I had made it pretty clear that I was supporting the Bruins big time! It'd be nice to have another Stanley Cup won within my lifetime!

      Glad you thought it was fine. I always tend to err on the side of brevity. I just couldn't think of a way to make the caption that much shorter and keep the field hockey stick line as well.

  3. I remember at some recent point a new story about a boy playing field hockey, and the journalist focusing on how it felt playing in a skirt. The kid shrugged it off.

    Funny how it's so popular as a men's sport in India, and is pretty much seen as a girls' thing here.