Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Easter Gathering Not Soon to be Forgotten!

For those who are Jewish, just think of this as the wackiest, meshuggeneh Seder ever!

Yeah, I'm finally back from a bunch of traveling for the Easter Holiday. Did over 700 miles visiting the GF's relatives, a few friends that had moved away, and then back in the area for my families festivities. I think that I am all "relatived" out and will disappear a bit from them until Memorial Day!

Made this one the other day for Sammie who doesn't mind being a she-male as the end result. Well, I had this picture and a general idea of what I wanted to do with it .. and then all hell broke loose as I went off on a tangent about circus folk. I mean, they are interesting people on a few different levels, so I can imagine a family gathering of any sort is bound to be something special.

Once I had that as a reference point, the "loose wish that goes awry" concept called for me to pour it on a bit more, and then a little bit more. I mean, for some, circuses are fetishes in and of themselves, so why not get the BDSM enthusiast into it with a lion tamer keeping the beasts at bay with a chair and whip, and you can't leave out the whole fancy outfit? Why stop there if you have a bearded mother, why shouldn't the daughter have a dapper "Rollie Fingers" type mustache to complete the look. And if she's like that, then what shall her husband be like? Well, FINALLY we get to this blog's bread and butter .. Furries and Egg insertion and laying. Oh yeah, that AND TG stuff too!

All in all, everything to provide you with a fun-filled Easter Egg hunt in caption format. That is a whole lot better than entrusting a hopping animal to carry a bunch of fragile chicken embryos in a shallow basket with long handles! Happy Easter everyone!

To balance things out, I present to you the 2016 Easter Caption which was one of the bench captions I really enjoyed, as it served a higher purpose than it usually does. Hope you enjoy this one too!

So did everyone have a wonderful holiday? If you aren't Christian, you still had the option of Passover and April Fool's Day too. I would think that April Fools would be much more rife for TG options than holding a Seder though. What TG thoughts and ideas swim through your mind when it comes to April Fools Day and Easter? For me it would be probably something like being forced into a yellow frilly sun-dress with the bow tied in back so I was trapped in it. Maybe with white tights and black mary janes and a folly Easter hat. Thanks to both Sally Bend and Sissy Kaaren for the images on their site involving Easter outfits for making me think of this one! Which Easter caption did you like better? The newest one, or the bench caption from 2016? Please comment below on any of these questions or ask one of your own!

Originally I was going to post SNL's D'Jesus Uncrossed, but this is much funnier!

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