Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What Pretty Blue Orbs You Have! They Are Out of This World!

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!

Made this one for Jillisa, who doesn't mind being changed into non-human entities like mermaids and such, so when I saw this picture, I figured this might be something that she would enjoy, even though she doesn't like being blond that much.

I probably have done a few captions where someone's pleasant dreams and nightmares "switch" positions, and this is from that realm, though I believe that she has the cognizance to know that she was in the "terrible" position before and considers it a dream come true to be who she is now.

And that is one sexy alien girl! Like what guy wouldn't want to hook up with that .. and at some point, end up looking like that? Pretty exotic, and who knows what sort of pheromone inducing cocktail of desirability that body isn't cooking up to enhance her charms even more.

If I had a bit more space I could have elaborated on the story a bit, but I hoped that I got across what I needed to, as I wanted to put as much of the picture into the caption as possible. This is one of those times where I went over what I usually use for a picture to text ratio .. which is 55 percent picture to 45 percent text. I think this one clocks in around 65 percent picture to 35 percent verbiage. What helped is that I was able to trim off most of the penis' donor's body .. usually I like to keep things visible to create an overall vibe .. but here it worked to show the anonymity nature of the dicks she was sucking, and that it didn't really matter who/what it was attached to at that moment.

Feel free to comment on this caption, as to whether you liked it or not, and why it would, or would not, appeal to you. I like responding to comments, and ironically, Easter was this weekend .. and I got no comments for my post, but did receive one for a caption I made on Christmas Eve of last year. That really made my day that someone would come back to that post and needed to say something. Thank you Vash!


  1. I always liked the alien thing....I had a theory that if aliens were really coming here it had to be teenage aliens in their dad's star cruisers...why else would they kidnap Billy Joe Bubba from Dank Fork Arkansas and give him the infamous probe!!!! Just intergalactic rich kids buzzing the primitives for kinky kicks!!!!
    Anyway I liked what you did with this one....this is the kind of sci-fi movie I'd gladly part with a few bucks to go see!!!!

    1. I don't usually get this sci-fi, but I just love the source picture, as the body paint and makeup is VERY WELL done. I couldn't NOT use it.

  2. Okay, as a total geek-girl, I loved that! Great pic, and the story develops so nicely, with new details in every paragraph. I can only imagine what's next, and how she plays into the alien plan for dominating and replacing humanity.

    1. I'm glad your imagination gets engaged with this caption. I only try to lead the reader along on a bit of a guided ride, then let them either hit the accelerator or slam on the brakes, and hopefully keep the story going in their own mind.

      For this, it was to have a repetitive dream, but one that changed slowly over time, so it doesn't quite seem weird when something else gets switched up. I got away from that a little at the end, but I thought it made for a better ending.