Sunday, May 21, 2017

Before You Learn to Walk (in heels) .. You Better Crawl!

This is how a woman (or sissy) should pose if she wants to look the most sexy and submissive.

Made this one for Lacy a little over a week ago and then forgot to post it! Doh! Luckily she got to see it the next morning. The caption was spur of the moment, as I saw the photo online and immediately knew I could do something with it for Lacy. The title came first (a rarity for me) and so I took advantage of it to give it a proper viewing at the top. From there, it was just filling in the details.

And for that, it was just setting the mood and pushing some buttons emotionally, gingerly and playfully cajoling her to submit. It was without question going to happen, but it is better to pretend that she had a say in backing out. At that point, it was a done deal. Beware of getting exactly what you want, because you just might get it. I don't see any reason for Lacy to regret anything, do you?

And her response was, "Seductive, sexy, sassy.  What a fantastic anniversary present.  I hope we took off a few weeks so we can celebrate together.  With the expense to make me look so sexy and the silky stockings, this is the best anniversary ever. " Can you tell I enjoy making her squirm in delight?

I have quite a few captions as back catalog now. That is a comfortable feeling to have, even though I'm not completely happy with all of them. I will feature some of those too. No reason to pretend my shit don't stink! I'll probably post them as a secondary caption so you'll get double shots now and then to flesh out the posting. That's mostly so that any newbies that come along that might only open up the first post at the top, see that sad 'meh' caption, and decide, "what was all the hype about? This blog sucks donkey dick!" I am always going to try to keep my best food forward.

Also coming up soon .. An updating of my post from about 2 years ago on buying TG fiction or other goods on Amazon. Ann Michelle used it as a baseline to help out her readers and I ended up with some new thoughts on how to improve or at least make yourself less visible to parents, significant others, children, etc .. This one is probably about a week or two away since Memorial Day weekend is only 5 days away, and with it comes my anniversary with the GF and a full week off from work!

So now you know what to expect, keep popping in as I'm more than keen enough to respond to any comments you might have about this caption, what I am working on in the future, or questions about Dee you want answered.

One potential talking point, "Does it seem like my design has gotten any tighter since the switch to a newer version of Photoshop, especially in regards to the text?" I'm not sure if it was that, or the sabbatical actually giving me some time away to ruminate, but the newer stuff seems more vibrant than the older captions.

Also, the color balance .. is it darker now than it was? I have been using the 4k monitor here at home and I noticed at work that it appears darker there. That monitor isn't calibrated at all though. I welcome all of your thoughts!

For those who say I don't post enough new music. Here's one of my favorite newer bands. This song was popular enough that the NFL used it for highlight clips during the playoffs. Weird when you consider what Ghost are supposed to represent and this song has all sorts of Masonic iconography.

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  1. Is reality as good as the fantasy. Did he jump or was he pushed? Can he find my missing contact lens why down there.
    The color balance does seem better, some of them have been a bit harsh on the eye lately.
    Ghost I always wonder about these bands. Do they go down the shops dressed like that.