Thursday, May 18, 2017

Caption Giveaway #3: A Double Shot of Captions! 'Don't Cry!' and 'On Their Level!'

Something for Brittany .. and Joanna too! TWO captions for the price of ONE blog posting!

The first one is for Brittany, although there isn't any names bantered about. The premise is that in the near future, we have no real marketing streams for free webpages / blogs anymore, so we have to streamline our captions a bit to work with our corporate overlords. i just love the idea of taking what is a limited fetish / niche and still doing marketing around it. Sort of tickles my funny bone. It also takes the sting off of us losing our Net Neutrality. "Are you constantly peeking into the windows of your hot blond neighbor? Try the Zeiss 10X42 Victory HT Binocular. Enjoy nature, the way God and any restraining orders intended .. from 500 feet away!"

And here is the one for Joanna. This one takes on Male Privilege and how it has either been prevalent for decades, or people are just sort of noticing it now. It can influence language and how we talk, and we don't necessarily even notice it. As usual, a caption involving something like this .. I take that plot point beyond the normal bounds and amplify it for dramatic effect.

I thank everyone for their comments and making this place busy again. I might sneak another caption in on Friday or Saturday night, depending on the weather. I've only gotten one air conditioner in so far, and that isn't where my captioning computer is, and today was BRU-TAL!

I couldn't put up a blog post tonight without acknowledging the death of Chris Cornell. A voice in the Seattle grunge scene second only to Lane Staley in my opinion, and that is only because I think Cornell went "Robert Plant" too often for his own good.

To my readers out there, it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, depression can strike us all. If it hits, PLEASE seek help immediately. Suicide is never the answer.


  1. Brittany7

    Thank you for the blog exclusive cap. Both of these were excellent and along with the other ones you have given your readers a wide range of caps to enjoy.

  2. Two grate captions.
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    1. I curtsy to your grater wit!

      A sparkling wit better found in Hitachino Nest White Ale.

  3. I love the playful name-dropping in the first one, it made me giggle! And yes, sadly, it was more a titter than a laugh.

    And thank you for the second one, it's fantastic. That image is just perfect for the story!