Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Playoff Gamble! A Two Panel Caption from Bren!

You can tell that this is a fantasy caption from a long time ago. I mean, the Patriots are MY TEAM!

Anyway, this was made ummm, in February of 2010, which I believe the Pats did lose on their first round playoff game. That was a few championships from now so forgive me for forgetting those lean years when didn't even make it to the AFC title game!

Many things made it a wonderful caption. Bren was one of the best at using Comic Life as a captioning program .. everything looked vibrant and inviting. She also used Pattycake, who is one of my favorite models of all time. She MUST be almost 30 by now but damn she was so fine! Also, the jersey is the same colors and the same number as the Pats QB, so it also fits in with my prefs.

As per my original response to Bren, "I'm not that worried about my team, as next year the New England Pat..tycakes are going to win the Stanley Series World Bowl of Soup or something!! I can just feel it!" and a few years later, we did! WOOOOOO!


Hope people are feeling ok and not sick. Seems most people I know have been through the ringer when it comes to illness. I myself am thrashing another dose of antibiotics for another round of sinus infections and the GF has been brought down hard by bronchitis. All the while we have days in the 60's outside! It's the end times I tell you!

Keep checking back in here from time to time. Might have something up on Wednesday. I figure that even posting once a week during my sabbatical is better than nothing.


  1. Maybe make a visit to the locker room to provide some motivation afterwards.

  2. This is a delightful caption, indeed. Though football is such a complicate game for a blonde like her!