Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Existential Ruminations on Gender .. Wha?

Nothing like being overwhelmed with an instantaneous gender change to keep you off guard while an unknown entity wants to pontificate philosophically.

Need to make this posting quick as the GF is having car issues and I'm going to pick her up from my mechanic's garage when she's done being towed. Isn't life grand?

Made this for Isabella Belmont about a week or two ago, and then promptly forgot to post it! Doh! I went back to see if anyone had commented, and saw that I never put it up. No wonder no one saw it!

As per the rest of what I posted to her folder:
Nothing like being overwhelmed with an instantaneous gender change to keep you off guard while an unknown entity wants to pontificate philosophically. 
That being does raise some good questions though. Answers will only come in time, and they aren't necessarily facilitated by "why?" or even, "why not?" 
Just remember that life does go on for each of us on this insignificant blue green marble orbiting a basic star .. even if we are our own universe.
Much about gender is still unknown, and we are just beginning to dig deeper. There has always been the biological aspect, and the sociological implications which were usually biased due to males writing most of the studies and being the top dog in educational settings. I am quite curious as to where this all goes as more information is processed and debated among those positioned to do so.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think of the implications brought up by the caption? Do perceptions about gender matter in the long run? How deep an impact does it have on all our experiences and how they are colored? How well did the caption convey the shock of a core change to his fundamental nature and the entity's treatise of basically, "suck it up, buttercup!"


  1. Hi!
    I love your captions, I've been reading them since the end of 2015 and i still check most days to see if a new one has come out!

    I'm slowly getting my own blog going: (
    and i was wondering if you could add me to your "Dee-Generate Bloggers" list (obviously i'd do the same).
    If not, have you got any advice on how to grow a tg caption blog?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    many thanks,
    From Carla

    1. Glad you've decided to reply! At some point soon, I will officially end my sabbatical, and at that point I might have a bit more busy schedule here but cannot guarantee that yet!

      I've added your blog to the side board and looking at it quickly, I am not really sure what advice I could give you as you are approaching 300 posts and almost 2 million views! I've been doing it here for 7+ years here and I'm around 9 million so perhaps I should be asking for advice from you!

      My advice would be to (a) engage your viewers if you can, and (b) get involved with the TG caption community itself. Comment on other's creations and posts and be a viable member at large. Being consistent with the quality of your work and how often it comes out. Speak with others in your own voice and be as authentic as you can, knowing that we are all dealing with the art of illusion and fantasy here.

      Does that help at all?

    2. thanks for getting back so quickly!
      I never really know what constitutes new/ experienced in the TG community, as you say some people have been doing this for years so I still feel like the new kid :)

      Many thanks for the advice, i'm sure it will be of help, and thankyou for the add (of course I have added you back :)
      Much love
      Carla Xxx

  2. I do think perceptions about gender matter. The negative ones we hear of and probably more subtle ones to. but i think there are positive ones as well. Our biology must be a huge part.A man well be attracted to a female and i am sure they might be loathed to say but a woman to a man.
    Any drastic change to our lives would be a shock. A gender change of losing a leg its going to matter sure one would adapt after a while. but change non the less to cope with.
    Maybe kick the entity in the balls very hard as it is writhing on the ground i sure it would think that matters a lot.

    1. One of the reasons for posting this today is that its 4.20.17 here in the states, and 420 is of course the day for stoners of the world to sit back and get lit and ponder the fates of the universe.

      Most people have trouble with change. I think it's why young people tend to be more progressive while older folk are conservative. "Why can't things be the way they used to be?!?" Politics from all over the world are sorting these things out as I write this. Once we just shrug our shoulders and say, "Get on with it!" it is amazing what we can, and will, accomplish!