Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hosed at the New Job in Japan!

 Enjoy the career path and try to avoid any more occupational hazards!

This was made pre-sabbatical and then forgotten about until recently. KarenSue likes both being Asian and pantyhose so it certainly fits her preferences.

It is a bit different from most TG captions but I still hope it makes sense to everyone. If advanced technology is real, why not go all in with it? Contracts are contracts, and must be fulfilled, no matter what the cost. The business will recoup its losses one way or another, even when it comes to porn. And that is the fun truthful part of this caption: Pornography has always driven technology forward!

When the printing press was first developed, after bibles were made, then came smut .. dirty poems and stories. Woodcuts were crafted to print many editions of erotic pictures, not unlike what you look at online now, featuring poses from the Kama Sutra. Developments in photography lead to French Post Cards, motion pictures presented soldiers the stag films, and color printing gave us dirty magazines. VHS tapes meant you didn't have to go to the theater to see hardcore sex scenes, and computer games let you play strip poker with fetish models. Likewise, CD ROM took digital sex to another dimension with alternative camera views, and now virtual reality can bring you right into the set with your favorite porn stars.

What's next? Who's to say but I'm sure we will enjoy it!


  1. I don't know Dee....this seems entirely plausible to me!!!! Porn, as you have shown, drives technological innovation so this has that vague feeling of "this could be" around it!!!
    Plus I'm all in with the Japanese and their whole panty fetish thing....
    Loved it.....your caps always give me something to think about!!!

  2. Oh, are they taking applications? I could use a career change, and I do have a wealth of panties if we need to bring our own office supplies. :)