Saturday, April 22, 2017

Just a Small Town 'Girl' Living in a Lonely World!

I am starting to HATE Microsoft so much! Come on inside to find out WHY!

Wasn't planning on posting today, as I already had something lined up for both Sunday, and next Tuesday or Wednesday. I had some time to myself and said, "Why don't you try captioning again?" and perhaps you can get your groove on?

Went and pulled up Photoshop CS1 .. yes it is pretty damn old, but it worked perfectly .. until today. Recently Micro$oft sent out the creator's update to Windows 10. After that installed, I had to reset a bunch of settings relating to my display (I'm using a 40 inch 4k Samsung TV as a monitor, with the new Xbox One S also attached so the GF can watch HD cable whenever she wants in the living room) and some of the other issues like my micro$soft mouse driver went belly up! You'd think that they'd be able to not disable their own fucking devices when they update their OS, but GAH!

So, I thought I had it all fixed until I went and ran PS 8. It tried to load everything, then gave me some sort of "hardware issue or system error. Sorry but the error is unrecoverable." Tried a few things, thinking that maybe it lost site of where the original files are. I do have MANY drives in the computer, with 2 hard drives, a DVD drive, 3 portable drives, and a USB Flash Drive. No dice! I even ran the compatibility check, and I got the "there is a paid resolution to this situation" note.

Double Gah! At some point, I will try to reinstall the older version.

I happen to have the portable version of photoshop, which is much newer, and has much more EVERYTHING! And none of the everything it has looks anything I've used before. About 2 years ago, I figured that I could learn on it and then bump myself up to a newer version and make fancier captions. 2 years later and you could still add that to my list of things I was GOING to do!

So what we have up above is the first caption made, from start to finish, in that portable version of PS whatever the hell version it is, completed by yours truly. I grabbed a picture from the webz that I thought was interesting enough to build a caption from it, then pulled it in and then tried to replicate what I used to do with the old version.

Welcome to the learning curve ... holy shit! I'm diving!! AARRGGHH!!

Anyway, I was able to get on with it somehow. Usually it can take me 5 minutes to make a caption if I have a story in mind. It took me 10 minutes just to get the photo into a caption setting I was sort of happy with. All my long ago settings were lost to the wind, and I had to approximate percentages, shading angles, global lighting effects, etc .. Triple Gah!

Even laying text took me some time, which I hope to boil down quickly enough. Even typing it onto the panel seemed to take longer, like there was a delay between my typing and it appearing on the screen (I usually time around 75 words per minute in typing apps .. really!) and I have no idea where the "check spelling" option went since it wasn't clickable to me!

So, if you enjoy the story .. that was just randomly pulled straight from my head. I started typing and went wherever the hell direction it veered off to. Music seemed to be where it wanted to go, and honestly, the ending seemed to appear out of nowhere, though everything did wrap up nicely. Anything resembling a caption previously made by me is purely luck on my part!

Please let me know how I did .. and if you had the same issue with an older version of PS, how did you get it back and working correctly? I know I need to move ahead to current versions of software, but ease of use of the older versions were SO ingrained to me that I want to just reload PS 8 again.


  1. To quote Homer Simpson. Pop stars. Is there anything they don't know?
    Its nice when you can get a caption brain to page to post. Just wish it would happen more often.

  2. I stopped updating things some time ago.....many of the utilities I use are of dubious legality and I lost track long ago of what my PC guy told me I could and couldn't update!!!!
    That said I think you really did OK with the cap from a tech side....looks good....and I couldn't tell if you hadn't said that there was a difference from your usual caps!!!
    I love when the keyboard to post thing happens like that....I have some things in my drafts folder that go back three years! Just waiting until I get the thing that will make it right if you know what I mean....
    Stick with it Dee....the next update is right around the corner and by the time you get that working they'll update you again....those bastards!!!!