It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2017

This Caption Was Made Just for You!

Figured I would spoil my readers just a little. Come inside. I was just thinking about you!

Wanted to make something a bit different and found this awesome POV photo. I started writing almost immediately .. and then thought to myself, "What if I wrote this TO the imagined reader of this blog?" Once I had that in mind, things really fell together. I tried to run a bit of the gamut, from cross-dressing, to being a submissive, to the awareness of being a sissy, or a shemale .. all the way to very subtle hinting that I could make you a complete woman. There should be something in there that will appeal to each and every reader of my blog.

The best part is that you didn't have to say a thing. Isn't that great when an obviously dominant woman can just read you like a book, and then tell you that she'll satisfy your fantasy?

Obviously all that fulfillment on Mistress' part comes at a substantial cost! What does it entail and do you submit? You'll need to tell me in the comments, sweetie! You know the deal with my blog exclusives. Extend the story and tell me what happens next!

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