Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nothing Bad Can Happen in Hotel Room 241, Right Mate?

"Bad" is a relative term, especially when talking about TG captions.

I feel like complete shit right now, and actually stayed home from work. I am trying to stay off of antibiotics and just letting this run through me, but I'm not sure if delaying care is going to cause me to have an infection. Arrgghh! If I don't feel better soon I will bite bullet and go to the doctor's.

This is going to be a short post. Made this for Chelsea Baker, using one of the pictures she provided in a 2 4 1 offer (2 for 1) which is where the room number came in. Clever, eh? Bah!

For those who didn't follow. Chad was trying to entrap his friend with some incriminating pictures of him having sex with a woman (and a hotel receipt the husband paid for) that wasn't his wife .. Chad in a female form through some sort of magic. The hubby countered the magic nicely, and used Chelsea's lie against him. I mean, a woman's purse will tell you much about her. Pictures, car keys, ID and membership cards, makeup, birth control, etc ..

I'm conceding that it wasn't necessarily clear to those of you reading it the first time, including Chelsea herself. I'll take all the blame as it was right around the time I really started feeling ill. I probably shouldn't have made a caption at that point. Oh well. At least it wasn't based off some fever dream like some of my old captions. There are a few from 2008 or so when I was banged out on oxy after surgery that I look at now and say, "ummm, yeah!"


  1. Hope you are feeling better real soon.
    (way back i did a transformation caption as a cure for man flu so maybe some Dee magic could put it to the test?)

  2. Feel better soon Dee....