Thursday, September 8, 2016

Still a Few Weeks Left of Summer to Catch Some Rays, or Bobs, or Stevens!

Another caption reminding us that summer is almost over!

I mean, it'll hit the upper 80's here in New England this weekend, but there shouldn't be much more in the way of overwhelming heat here, especially since the nights seem to be in the 60's.

Made this one for Wakka on the Haven. I have just noticed that quite a few of the recent captions I've made for others still haven't been seen or commented upon by those they were created for. This one, the union caption for Belladonna / Sarine Davis and another one that I can't recall whom I made it for. Guess this is one of those times of the year where people are frantically running around in real life and drop out of fantasies for a little while.

Should I even talk about this one? It's one of those quickie captions that pretty much explain themselves without any sort of back story or nuances that need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. It's fun to make these as you can just be very direct and write without being coy or elaborating on some big ruse you are trying to pull off on the reader.

If all goes to plan, I should have something up on Saturday, and definitely on Sunday night, which is the start of the Patriots season against the Arizona Cardinals. No Brady, and even with him in the lineup, this would be a tough game, so if they lose, it wouldn't be a big shock to me. C'ya soon!


  1. Please Miss can I have my balls back? On second thought....never mind....
    Where's your yard....let me see if I can throw a football that far!!!

  2. I think Steve well enjoy the rest of the summer if he is turned in to a stud for the Gals. Mind you Richard might learn to enjoy his new body as well.