Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Don't Be Obstinate!" says the Obstetrician!

Always wanted to use that as a title to a caption. Now I've gotten my chance. Mission accomplished.

Made this caption for a newbie, Jwpar, who happens to like pregnancy captions. If you like them as well, then this post is for you! If not, stay tuned, because like the New England weather at this time of year, the blog changes from day to day. I'm pretty sure the next caption will NOT be a pregnancy one.

Today is the official first Sunday of the NFL season, so I've been hooked up to the Red Zone channel all day, and I'll be watching the Patriots, minus Brady, so I really don't have anything to say here.


  1. Pregnancy was never a "thing" for me but I love the concept of a transformed man getting himself preggers!!! Hmmm you know that's kind of hot....maybe it's something I should explore....gosh just when you think you can't get any new ideas on the net....

  2. I have to say pregnancy caps are not my favourite but this one is fun.

  3. I love love love pregnancy caps -- more, please!
    This scenario reminds me of the online comic strip Sexy Losers [], which features all sorts of truly horrible (and horribly funny) little stories, many of which end with, "And that's the story of how you were born!"