Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sisters and the Lessons Learned!

This caption is all about how the TG aspect of the change "feels" to the protagonist. Come on inside!

Made this for Olivia Lovely on the Haven. I had her preferences in my mind, as I made her a birthday caption earlier, and wanted to make an actual trade caption.  When I saw this picture while wandering through the Internet, I thought this photo might enhance a fun story for her.

It actually came out much sweeter as I went along, but when you are dealing with universal truths, it's best not to go against your muse. Not so much of a punishment, but more of a lesson a brother needed to learn. Once he did look at it that way, then he could experience it all without a negative view of it all. To me, the way things "feel" as a girl tend to be very different than they do as a guy. Just shaving my legs once made me feel weird for the next 3 days, never mind the void between your legs or having boobs hang down from your chest whenever you move. I assume that you'd experience your senses differently too .. which I will cover more when we get to the caption I made for Jay Seaver today and should be posted here within the next week or two.

This definitely has a Steffi / Britney Shagwell feel to it and I wonder where she's drifted off too. Perhaps she is on Deviant Art or has a blog under a different name? I'd like to think she'd enjoy this caption on a few different levels.

And yes, I've ended a number of captions like this one. Maybe presented in a different way, but still the underlying conceit is there. Therein lies the rub though, pun intended, if you are to experience all the wonders of femininity .. don't slack on one of the most important ones to be available. Maybe you don't want to be with a guy, but you've certainly got to take that body out for a spin .. or two!

Never thought I'd see Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig on stage again. They have 2 dates in Chicago to go, and I hope they can do an official tour at some point, especially if Dave Lombardo (of Slayer) can be the drummer for the entire tour!

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  1. I love the dialogue in this one. Its kind of nice he is enjoying the change. I think being dropped into another body would high light the differences which may be a natural born woman who has grown into them may not even notice.