Monday, September 12, 2016

Jessica stars in "The Bimbo Reclamation Project!"

How I would LOVE to see all my old Haven friends starring in the sequels!

Guess who I ran into the other day, and which made my week? Bimbo Jessica, one of the original Justsluts League of America, and an all around sexy and silly blond bombshell.

I hadn't talked to her in probably 6 years or so, and as you can tell from my writings here from time to time, I've missed her since she's been gone. She'd gone off to live as Andy and do important "Andy" things, and I think she needed to do that fresh break restart that so many people in the TG community do from time to time.

But the urges are real, as most of you know, and you tend to miss the community when you've made special bonds with people you care about. She said she doesn't feel that creative right now, but hopes at some point to possibly made some new captions. I am hoping that she can find the right balance of having to be "Andy" for those that need him in real life AND find time to be Jessica occasionally. When she was in bimbo mode, she REALLY was Jessica in the flesh, and I'm sure that can be a weird situation to deal with when it manifests. It wasn't unusual to read on my Yahoo Messenger, "I have to go now. Andy has a meeting and I'm sure he doesn't want to show up in yellow heels!"

Hopefully this caption and post won't scare her away so she disappears for another 6 years. Now if we can get Steffie and Petra back occasionally, I'll never want to go offline again!

Oh, and if anyone gets the blame for the creation, or at least the proliferation of meta-TG captions, I would think that Bimbo Jessica was at the forefront of that wave so blame her when I do that!

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  1. Oh my god Dee I love many times in my life did I "purge" my wardrobe swearing that Kaaren was gone for good!!!! As you can see that didn't work out as planned....I don't want to make it sound schizo or anything but I think my feminine side was born with me and she's always been there no matter how many times I tried to deny it!!!
    I can't believe how fortunate I've been to be in love with a woman who loves me as myself....whether or not I'm Kaaren....although I think she prefers Kaaren....and I think I do too!!!!