Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Didn't Think You Meant THAT Way!

Burger King used to say, "Have it YOUR way" but hold the pickle, and fondle it gently!

Made this one for myself, as it is always a treat to be portrayed as Bailey in a caption. Just the way the pose was made gave me the idea and the first few lines. Once I got to my second reply to the off-screen guy I had brought home, I figured that repeating his words over and over would be a good anchor point to the story, and show off how shocked he was, though he didn't seem to run away .. or protest THAT much. Perhaps there was something underlying there he didn't want to admit?

So, yes, it was fun to write and to imagine myself doing that to some unsuspecting guy that was looking to score some ass, and he definitely is going to get as good as he gives. A bit more explicit than I usually make, but there are always exceptions to the rule, and there'll be another caption that fall into that category coming up within the next week or so. Honestly, it comes down to source images and what exactly I can find that works with what I want to write and tickles my fancy at the time. This happened to be on the webz and I knew I could do something with it.


Originally I was going to just put up a video for Backstreet Boys of "I Want It That Way" but I rediscovered something last night that I knew I had to post here. Back in the early to mid 60's, there wasn't really a thing like music videos as we know them, but a few companies tried making Video Juke Boxes where you put in a quarter or two and get some song, usually accompanied by go-go dancers, even if the song didn't require them. Nancy Sinatra's classic "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" is the most well known example of one of these Scopitones featuring the trademark bright colors that they used to drawn in viewers.

This song so much reminds me of a club that James Bond and Austin Powers would hang around between solving spy capers! Here is another one featuring here that actually IS a spy song .. sorta!

The reason I bring this up is that these videos are remnants of the old fashioned sexuality that often the TG and Sissy fetishes embrace, along with vintage bikinis and lingerie. I mean, how about a "cover" of "King of the Road" rewritten as a housewife reveling in her domestic bliss in between squeezing out babies as the "Queen of the House".

And of course, I couldn't leave this alone without THE pinnacle of Scopitone videos that would fit in well with TG captions and story sites .. "Femininity" .. she just seems to be overflowing with it.

To see into a time capsule of videos, just type in Scopitone in Youtube and go back to the days where sophisticated men could still drink 3 martinis at lunch and drive back to work, smoking a pack of cigarettes at his desk, and call his secretary a "ditzy broad" and get away with it! I'll leave you with what I think is a good song from the videos, and one I'm pretty sure I've heard before. Yeah, for you guys who like pony girls, this video is for you!

So, this is a blog exclusive caption (with Baily Jay!) AND a ton of videos for your perusal .. I want to see some comments on either .. or both. C'mon and let's have a discussion!


  1. A fun caption he should have noticed when she brought two packs of condoms small and extra large. loved the videos there was always great production on the recordings. and of course scantily glad ladies always helps to keep the viewers.The more things change the more they stay the same.

    1. They were made on the cheap from what I can see, as if you watch a bunch of them in a row, you'll identify most of the background dancers, both male and female, being the same ones in each video.

      It's still a fun blast from the past.

  2. curse you for putting an... was "I want it that way" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? anyways, CURSE YOU FOR PUTTING IT IN MY HEAD!

    1. Aswww, sorry. And Backstreet Boys were much better than N*Sync, at least according to my daughter!

      Why not cleanse your musical palette by listening to some more of the scopitone videos? They are quite ear-worm worthy as well!