Thursday, August 4, 2016

Internally and Eternally! and DIY Challenge results!

One of the weirder poses you will see in a snapshot, don't you agree?

I almost saved the picture for a future DIY as I was wondering how exactly did she come to stand like that while someone else took the picture. There was actually someone to the right of her but she didn't need to be there, plus once I decided it was some sort of blond virus or something, that person needed to disappear. Nothing too deep in the caption, the "blondening" most came as I was finishing it up, as the girl in the middle seems a bit disheveled, while the two blonds look like they just got out of a salon .. so the girl in the middle obviously isn't "done" yet.

Here we go with the DIY results. I would make comments but honestly, I am writing this up now before we get results about the latest setback to the GF's mother in a conference call, and my heart is not in this today. The people who submitted their work though, do deserve some kudos for what they've created, so try to leave them some love in the comments. Also note that one of the contributors is now in the blog listing to the left, under Alternative Life Pinups, and did we have her topic this month, eh?

Glad Ian is back and making captions. Hopefully life slows down for him as well.

Second time around (and second time a charm!) for Audrey as we are right up her alley this month!

Brittany was once again bitten by the DIY Captioning bug .. this time a VW slug bug!

And rounding out the captions is Helena. I didn't realize they watched American Pickers in Europe. I bet everyone over there has a crush on Danielle, who is a pinup dream girl in her own right!

And a bonus song for today. I was driving back to work from lunch and just wasn't very chipper. Then the radio played a song that always cheers me up .. a song about the power of music. No matter what happens in life, there is always music to set the mood and lift your feelings. Whether you are creating it, playing it yourself, or just listening, it does something that nothing else can do.

"She's young now, she's wild now, she wants to be free.
She gets the magic power of the music from me."


  1. Great caption Brittany and Helena. And a fabulous tale from Audrey.
    Dee judging by their smiles the change does not seem unpleasant but it made me cross my legs.

    1. Once the change is done, I'm sure those crossed legs will be wide open for some reason or another!