Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Different Sort of Bath Salts!

 I mean, who smokes or inhales bath salts? They're made for taking luxurious baths in hot water.

Just don't spend too much time in there, because hot water (and shriveled skin) will be the least of your problems, as Wendy learned in this caption.

Got this idea from the local Planet Fitness, which just got the hydro-massage chairs in, and I got to "ride" in one, if that is the right term? Perhaps 'lounge' or 'melt into a puddle' after a hard workout?

Anyway, yeah, so why not be able to take a quick relaxing bath to play with some nice buoyant boobies in the tub? Sounds like something that every guy would want to do at least once. So anyway, this takes place in a spa, probably run by some guy in a bathrobe, which actually WOULD make sense in this setting at least. I am noticing now that there doesn't seem to be a clock there in that room. I wonder if that guy owns a women's clothing and undergarments store for busty women?

We've gotten a few entires now so we are good to go. Still a few hours left if you want to get one in before the deadline. All the submissions should be up in a few days. Hard to believe it is already going to be August on Monday. I really want things to slow down!

1 comment:

  1. A fun caption he well be using a lot more soap now washing those beauties.
    Is there a reason the guy in the shop wears a bathrobe? or was it just written into the first
    sru caption?