Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Not Another Easter Sunday Bench Story? Yeah!

I really couldn't resist! Bunny hop inside, won't you?

Well, I figured that one of the first bench captions I made was an Easter caption for Katie Mills, called, "Katie Mills' Easter L'eggs Hunt" which you can look at by clicking the link. Reading through it, it doesn't seem like much of my life has changed. The family canceled Easter dinner as I have a relative that should be passing away any moment now, and the landlord put the apartment building up for sale again. Seems like I'm stuck in a bit of a time loop or something around here!

Please read the caption first if you haven't yet as this contains big time spoilers. Anyway, I saw this picture and was attracted to the boots and their Easter color. I thought about a young mother awaiting her child to start looking for Easter eggs in the park, and her footwear made me think about the Iron Maiden song, "Die With Your Boots On" and I sort of mashed them together.

Sentimental Dee took over, and I thought, "if I am going to revisit the bench series again, I might as well use it for good .. just this once!" I have much respect for those stationed overseas, fighting and surviving as best they can, often not even sure why they are there. Then they get home and many can't seem to cope with civilian life like they once did. It's also a shame that the don't get the treatment they deserve, especially from the governments that put them into those dangerous situations in the first place. Then again, only those who  have done so can truly understand that pain, and most are too proud to even admit they need help.

So, this is my way of trying to fix at least one case in pretty much the only way I know how. Trust me, if I could make any of these captions come true, this might be near the top of my list. I'd love for that to happen, believe me. Reuniting families are good enough, but to make 2 soldiers lives better would be the icing on the cake.

One more thing, do not donate to Wounded Warriors Project. There have been enough issues with them over the last few years that I would hesitate to give them anymore until they can account for the problems that have arisen. Act locally, as there are usually many small charities dealing with returning soldiers that could use your help.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did I make the beginning section too dark and depressing? I wanted to lay it all out before the hopefully inevitable happy ending, but I wasn't sure if I went overboard. Let me know what you think! Please comment on the caption as it is another blog exclusive.

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  1. Wonderful cap. I think you did had the right touch in the beginning. Less would make the happy ending shallow, but I can understand why you were worried about getting overboard. Visiting a dark place when making captions it is easy to overdo it. It is a fine, blurry line to walk, and different for everybody what is aceptable or not.
    It depends on the ending as wel. With this ending the cap gave me a warm feeling. Would it have had a dark ending it would probably have left a bitter taste.