Sunday, March 27, 2016

Can't Put My Finger on It, but Palm Sunday Is Coming Soon!

Well, it's already Easter night, but I DID make this one in time for the actual Palm Sunday.

This was made for a newbie to the Haven, named Obsidian7, and as I said in the posting:
Well, I'm not sure how many captions are inspired by both a GOP Presidential Debate and a song by Jewel, but this one certainly is. 
I was working on a blog exclusive and had an extra blow-job picture that I didn't want to go to waste, and the model's hands seemed so dainty .. and with the other mentioned influences, it just took off from there.
I made it the same time I created, "The un-be-umming?? Cumming and going?" and the picture just said, "caption me pweeze?" The receiver of the blow job is not Trump, but a person like Trump. If it was The Donald, then he'd have had said something like, "I have a yuge penis, and my balls are classy, like opulent large pearls contained in a velvet sack."

Anyway, yeah, this is shaping up to be the naughtiest month in the blog's history I think. Not by choice mind you, but I use source photos based on what they contribute to the story. Over time, it'll probably balance out. But for those who like explicit images, this is definitely your month!

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  1. Nice caption! The influence of presidential politics is clearly felt here and it's great!