Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting Dressed is Never Trivial for Rachel!

I don't think I stole ALL Rachel's shoes, did I? Plus one bonus caption inside!

Guess I will have to check my closet. Made this for Rachel's birthday .. you know, Rachel of Rachel's Haven Fame? I think I might have mentioned that website a few times, amirite?

For those that don't know, Rachel is a genetic girl, who started the Haven almost 10 years ago, after having a few Yahoo groups involving TG transformations on Yahoo groups. She's been with her current boyfriend, Emily, for I think about 6 years now, although they had dated awhile back when they were younger. He crossdresses and she has gotten Emily outfits, they do playtime together. Don't want to get too personal as to their lives, but as you might know, she still has cancer. You can donate HERE if you would like to help her. The link has nothing to do with the Haven and it's expenses, it goes directly to Rachel to help pay her hospital and travel bills.

It isn't all depressing though. Here is something Emily posted a bit over a month ago under the title "My Boyfriend Is Amazing!":
So you may or may not be aware that often enough when I make myself my feminine best Rachel often joins me by masculizing up and taking the role of the man in our relationship. It's led to plenty of fun over the years for both of us and ways to explore our shared curiosity.

But last night she surprised me. We were watching some B-Movie romantic comedy, not even role reversed, and I made a little joke about how I'd never have the opportunity to be a bride. So she looked me in the eye and with a straight face says,"Why not?" So didn't take long before we paused the movie and quite the discussion ensued. 

Don't get me wrong, marriage was not the surprise here. It's been discussed for some time, but she doesn't want to be a bride dealing with illness at the same time. Guess I can't blame her on that one, perfect day and all. No, her plan was we could potentially have the wedding everyone expects, everything normal and not outing our interests to family and the like. But her thought was why couldn't we, maybe on our first anniversary, renew our vows with Rachel as the Groom and yours truly as the Bride? Easily hidden by taking a trip, and her thought being to use a transformation service for both of us, essentially take us as far to masculine and feminine as either of us have ever ventured before he dons his tux and I wiggle into my gown, potentially with a very select small group of witnesses who may or may not also be reversing gender roles for the ceremony and reception.

But probably the single most touching aspect to me was that she wants me to experience being a bride as well, especially if by doing so she can reaffirm that she loves me for all of who I am. And while I have only ever dressed in front of her and one other I have to admit the idea is really making me feel like it could be a great exception, or who knows, perhaps the first of many potential outings as his wife? 
That just sounds so sweet, doesn't it? I've had the privilege of turning her into a male a few times in captions I've made for her, so I figured I'd post this one again, if I hadn't already done it before.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: One day, I think I am going to try to search out TG captions of a female to male persuasion. Are there some women out there who dream of turning into strong, men with large dicks? Do they make TG captions or stories as well? Let me know below about anything you've seen or read, and I'll be on the lookout for it. Would you be up for what Rachel is proposing with YOUR wife or significant other? How public would you take it if you would?

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